Private Rental Properties

There are a number of platforms available to students seeking privately owned accommodation.

UCC Student Pad

UCC Student Pad is an online search engine that lets you search for rooms, houses and apartments.  It includes facilities such as a message-board, where students may post information regarding the availability of accommodation for viewing by other students. It also details the minimum standards when looking for accommodation. 


Other Relevant Websites

Private houses/apartments can also be sourced on third party websites such as and . Please be aware that the vast majority of landlords on these websites will be looking for tenants to sign a 12 month contract. University College Cork has no affiliation with these websites.


Before signing a lease, it is important to take time to familiarise yourself with a tenant's rights and responsibilities.


Scam Alerts

When searching for private accommodation you should be vigilant for bogus landlords.

Accommodation scams can happen at any time and you can do the following to ensure that you are not impacted by an accommodation scam:

  1. Ask the landlord if they are registered with UCC Student Pad.
  2. Ask for their RTB registration number. The number should be in the following format xxxx-xxxxxxxx
  3. If given an RTB number, you should email to verify it.
  4. You should always view a property prior to signing a lease or handing over money.


Accommodation & Community Life