Feedback and complaints

If you are dissatisfied with your experience dealing with the Accommodation & Community Life Office (ACL) and wish to make a complaint please familiarise yourself with the details of our complaints procedure laid out below. If you want to make a complaint againt a student please visit the Campus Watch page.

General principles of confidentiality

The rights, privacy and dignity of all persons involved in a complaint will be respected at all times and complaints will be investigated in accordance with the Department’s/Service’s Confidentiality Policy.

In order to investigate the complaint fully it may be necessary to reveal the identity of the complainant and/or details of the complaint.

Confidentiality may not be maintained in the following circumstances:

  1. If it becomes clear that the complainant is at serious risk of harming themselves or another person.
  2. If the complaint includes material indicating that individuals may be at serious risk of harming themselves or another person.
  3. In the context of criminal behaviour where disclosures may be required for legal reasons, including where there may be Child Protection concerns.

Informal Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service we would like to hear about it. Here is the first step you can take:

Informal Complaint Stage 1:

Most difficulties can be settled at an early stage by discussing the matter informally.

Informal Complaint Stage 2:

If you feel unable to discuss the matter with the direct person involved, or have done so but still feel dissatisfied, you can ask to speak to the ACL Officer.

The ACL Officer will meet with you. Your concern will be listened to and (s)he will do what is possible to address your concern. If appropriate, other staff members may also be in attendance if it is mutually agreed.

Formal complaint procedure

If resolution of your complaint cannot be achieved by the Informal Complaint Procedure above then you can avail of the Formal Complaint Procedure.

Formal Complaint Stage 1:

Submit your complaint in writing to the ACL Officer using the Formal Complaint Form.

Receipt of your Formal Complaint Form will be acknowledged within 7 days.

Your complaint will be investigated by the ACL Officer and you will receive a written reply to your complaint within four working weeks

If your Formal Complaint concerns the ACL Officer, then the Director of Student Experience will oversee the investigation.

Formal Complaint Stage 2:

The ACL is under the remit of the Director of Student Experience. If you consider that the complaint has not been adequately addressed by Formal Complaint Stage 1 above, you can request a review by submitting another updated Formal Complaint Form to the Director of Student Experience.

Receipt of your submission will be acknowledged within 7 days.

The ACL Officer will also be asked to submit his/her own response, including what reasonable steps have been or could be taken to resolve matters. The Director of Student Experience, in consultation with other relevant University authorities, will address your concerns fully and provide you with a written response about the outcome of the review within four working weeks.

In order to lodge a Formal Complaint you will need to complete and submit the Formal Complaints Form

ACL Complaint Form

Relevant Contact Details

Accommodation & Community Life Office

T: 353 (0)21 490 3849



Accommodation & Community Life Officer

Gary Mulcahy

T: 353 (0)21 490 2103



Director of Student Experience

Mr Paul Moriarty

T: 353 (0)21 490 2258


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