International & Erasmus Students

Accommodation placement service

The UCC Accommodation & Community Life office runs a centralised placement service for incoming international & Erasmus students. Once your application to UCC has been confirmed by our International Office they will share with you, via email, a link to our online application form. We then refer your details to one of our partner providers so they can issue you an offer of accommodation. It is not possible to apply for this service until you have accepted an offer to study at UCC.

Points to note about this service

  • We do our best to help all applicants but accommodation is not guaranteed.
  • Applicants must continue searching independently while they wait for an offer.
  • Applicants should complete the form as soon as they recieve the link.
  • Offers will be issued by accommodation providers, not by our office.
  • The process takes places over several months. Please don't be alarmed if it has been sometime since your last update.
  • We work with several private providers to accommodate our applicants.
  • Students will receive no more than one offer of accommodation.

Student apartment complexes

UCC Campus Accommodation 

Campus Accommodation, owned by UCC, is available to all UCC students and applicants. There are five apartment complexes to choose from, three of these, University Hall, Victoria Lodge and Victoria Mills, offer dedicated postgraduate apartments. You will find more information on the Campus Accommodation website, including pricing and application details.

Privately Owned Student Apartment Complexes   

There are several privately owned student apartment complexes operating in Cork City and close to the University campus which house a significant number of our students. You should begin contacting them immediately to enquire about availability for the coming academic year. 

They vary in cost and their proximity to the campus so it is best to research all the available options before making a decision. 

Even if you are unable to book a room at this time, it is still a good idea to keep contacting these complexes to access any possible cancellations. 

You should familiarise yourself with the list of privately owned apartment complexes operating near UCC.


Single semester visiting students

Single semester students are also eligible for this service. However it can be more challenging for these students to find accommodation independently. Here are some points that might assist you in your search

  • Some private complexes, such as Hatch Student Accommodation and Yugo offer single semester bookings.
  • You may find landlords on UCC StudentPad offering single semester accommodation
  • There are a few companies in Cork offering short term accommodation agreements. 

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