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 Online Research Module Registration is live!

Module registration for research students is now online. Follow instructions below. 

All research students must agree module choices with their Supervisory Team. PhD students are required to take a minimum level of 15 credits of coursework and training. For a 3 year PhD, the maximum number of module credits that can be undertaken is 45 credits. For a 4 year PhD, the maximum number of credits that can be undertaken is 60 credits. All other research students may also take modules, once agreed with their Supervisors. 


Explore Research Student Modules and Register Online Here



Additional Modules 

Disciplinary Training Modules - available to students in specific disciplines

How to register

  • Browse the small number of disciplinary specific modules available here
  • Find the description and content of the modules you are interested in/required to take here.
  • Agree with your Supervisory Team on which modules you should undertake.
  • Contact the Module Coordinator named in the Book of Modules, for your selected modules, by finding their contact details via the search-box of the main UCC website. Request information about the dates and content of upcoming modules, and sign up for the module with the Module Coordinator.

Other modules of interest offered by UCC (available in Book of Modules)

How to register

External modules

How to register

  • PhD/PhD Track students can apply for recognition of modules taken outside of UCC. If you have taken or plan to take courses or modules outside UCC and wish to get credits towards your PhD, you will need to complete an External Module Recognition Form, and return to the Head of the Graduate School in your College, for approval.

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