Ongoing Research Registration

Ongoing research student registration


Register for Next Year 

All research students must register online each year until the submission of their thesis. 

Online Registration 

Having trouble registering?

If you cannot register online, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

1. Outstanding Fee Payment

Contact the Fees Office to resolve this issue:

2. Request an Extension

If you have completed the maximum period of study allowed (6 years for PhD students), and you are not planning on submitting your thesis by your next deadline, you will be required to register for the next year. To be allowed to register you will need to re-apply to your Department/School for an extension and undergo a progress review.  A detailed Progress Review Policy for Research Students must be conducted before an application for an extension can be made. Your academic unit is responsible for organising the progress review.  Following the review, a Research Registration Change Request Form should be completed and the progress review must be submitted to


3. Finishing PhD Track Programme

A detailed in Progress Review Policy for Research Students a progress review must be conducted before an application for an extension can be made. Your academic unit is responsible for organising the progress review. Following the review, a Research Registration Change Request Form should be completed and along with the progress review must be submitted to

If your issue is still not resolved, contact 

Student ID Card

  • Your current student card will deactivate when your registration period is expired, so you'll no longer have access to university facilities. 
  • Check the expiry date on your student card: if your student card is still in date, it will reactivate once you register online. 
  • If your card is out of date, you will first need to register online in order to get a new card.  


Self-funded Students

If you have completed your minimum registration requirements and have not yet submitted your thesis, you must register for the next academic year. If you are not in receipt of funding for the next academic year, the total fee payable is €1700. This payment is broken down as follows:


Time     Fee

   0 - 3 months

This is the 3-month grace period, so no fee payment is required if your thesis is submitted by the end of this period.
   3 - 6 months 

A fee payment of €850 is required for this additional 3-month block, if your thesis is submitted by the end of this period.

6 - 12 months    A fee payment of €850 is required for this additional 6-month block, which completes the annual fee.

Students entering Year 4 in the College of Science, Engineering & Food Science and the College of Medicine and Health, will need to complete a fee waiver form and submit to their college:

SEFS Fee Waiver Form (Email if you have queries)

M&H Fee Waiver Form (Email if you have queries) 

Funded Students 

Funded by Research Grant/Department:

If your research programme is funded, ensure that the F1 Funding Form or proof of payment of alternative funding has been completed and sent by your School/Department to the Fees Office:

Funded by SUSI: 

New Awardee: Please provide a copy of your SUSI award to the Fees Office:

Renewals: Please ensure you have renewed your grant with SUSI and that you provide a copy of your SUSI renewal confirmation to the Fees Office.  Without proof of your award or renewal, you are liable for 50% of your total fee at registration. 

Funded by your Company/Employer

You will need to submit a letter to the Fees Office: from your Company/Employer confirming funding and providing Company/Employer contact and invoice details. UCC will then invoice accordingly. Please ensure that your student number is on all correspondence pertaining to your funding. 

Proof of Registration

If you have registered correctly for next year, you can get confirmation of registration through your student portal. Should you require proof of registration for your granting authority or a visa letter for the Gardai, you will need to go to Student Records and Examinations, First Floor, West Wing, Main Quad, UCC/ and they will stamp your appropriate form or issue you with an appropriate letter.  

Module Registration

Please read the information about Postgraduate Training Modules carefully to register for modules as appropriate to your programme of study. PhD students are required to take a minimum of 15 credits. 

Changing your Registration

If you have a query about changing your registration, you should contact: or 021-4902876.


Graduate Studies Office

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