How Can My Department/Research Principal Investigator Pay My Fees?

F1 Form

F1 Form


This form is for students in receipt of either department or research funding. This F1 Form allows a student’s tuition fee to be charged to a department or a research code. Student/Relevant Department/Research Centre can download this form and complete or make a copy and type in all necessary details, but original signatures are required. Please complete one form per student, per year.

Check Notes For Students

  • Ensure an F1 Form is processed each year you register to indicate that your Fees are funded.
  • You should be registered first before submitting your form for completion by your Department/Research Centre.
  • Registration on line - Print your ‘Confirmation of Registration’ and forward it to relevant person approving your F1 form.
  • It is important that the completed F1 form is returned to Fees Office promptly so that funding can be reflected on your fee account. While you or your funding department will return the hard copy it is advisable to email a copy of same to as soon as it is complete. Mark it with subject matter ‘FI Form’.
  • When returning form to Fees Office:
    1. Student/Department should forward hard copy to Fees Office, North Wing.
    2. Email a copy of form to as soon as it is complete.  Mark it with subject matter “F1 Form”.
    3. If you are registered you can upload the form at Upload F1 Form, please select “Fees and Funding” then “Student Enquiry” and then “Upload Documents.

Check Notes for UCC Department /Research Staff

  • If ‘F1’ form is not completed in full, it will be returned to the department/research centre.
  • Please ensure you include a department name and contact number, should there be any queries in relation to the form.
  • The student’s ‘Confirmation of Registration’ must be attached to the ‘F1 Form’ if the hard copy is being returned to Fees.
  • The correct Cost Centre is used and the correct Research Code is active so fees can be charged.
  • All F1 Forms in relation to Tyndall students must be signed by Aidan O'Toole. 
  • Please return fully completed form, to with subject matter “F1 Form”.
  • Once the form is fully completed please supply a copy to the student for his/her records.
  • Should you have any queries, please e-mail

Fees Office

Fees Office, North Wing, Main Quadrangle, University College Cork