F1 Form

F1 Form

F1 Form


  • This form is for students in reciept of either department or research funding.
  • This F1 Form allows us to charge fees against students departmental or research code.
  • Usually student supervisors complete this form. Please complete one form per student, per year.
  • F1 Postgraduate Support Fees 2019/2020
  • If F1 form is not completed in full, it will be returned to the department.
  • Please ensure you include a department name and contact number, should there be any queries in relation to the form.
  • Please note that students in receipt of Research Funding, must now also sign the F1 form.  The F1 form will be returned to the department if the student’s signature is not on the form.
  • There is no need for a student signature in receipt of Department Funding.
  • The Confirmation of Registration must be supplied with all F1 Forms be they Research or Department Funding. 

Please Ensure that;

  • The correct Cost Centre is used with the correct Research Code
  • The research grant is still active so fees can be charged to the grant
  • The research grant is in date and a final claim has yet to be made
  • The research grant is acually open and set up completely 
  • All F1 Forms in relation to Tyndall sudents must be signed by Aidan O'Toole 
  • Please return, fully completed form, to Una Barrett/Maire Murphy, Fees Office, UCC (021) 4902954
  • Should you have any queries, please e-mail Una Barrett / Maire Murphy

Fees Office

Fees Office, North Wing, Main Quadrangle, University College Cork