Payment Plans

Financial Payment Plan Details 2021/22


UCC Financial Payment Plan.

Payment Plan Details 2021/22.

EU Undergraduates and Postgraduates.

A UCC Payment Plan is available which allows you to pay your fees over eight equal monthly instalments from September 2021 to April 2022.

Short plans may be available from January to April 2022 if deemed necessary.

International Students can pay in two equal instalments once they have paid the appropriate deposit. An initial payment is due on registration and the balance by 31 January 2022.

How can I avail of a payment plan?

To activate a payment plan you will need to make an initial payment while completing your online registration on MyStudentAdmin

See details of relevant initial payments here:

UCC Students

Total Fees.

Initial Payment.



Undergraduates (Free Fees Initiative)




€376.00 x 7

Undergraduate Students paying Full Fees (including Graduate Entry Medicine)

Postgraduate Students.

Full Fee.

See Schedule



Full Fee (Excl initial payment) in 8 equal instalments.

Undergraduate Students- Repeating part of course year.

Full Fee.

You can find the full fee for a repeat year in the Repeat Fee Calculator


You will need to make the advised monthly payments on-line through MyStudentAdmin as they are due.
An incorrect initial payment and the absence of agreed instalments will mean that the Payment Plan becomes invalid, and your account may be subject to deactivation of services and subsequent late charges.                                                                   

See  Student Debtor Policy/CPD Debtor Policy for more details.

You can apply for a Payment Plan here

Payment Plan-Semester 2.

We offer assistance to students who are having difficulty clearing all fees due before January 31 2022.

You can apply for a Payment Plan here until March 28 2022.


When completing the plan (from January to April), please enter the full amount remaining. All references to initial payments are not relevant for Semester 2 payment plans.

Please note that the final month for payments is April 2022. The remaining balance instalments are subject to the activation date of your Payment Plan.

Where all payments are not cleared by April 30, Student Fee accounts with a balance of unpaid fees will be subject to Late Charges. (See Student Debtor Policy)  

If you have any queries regarding the Payment Plans and your fees due, please log into our Web Enquiry Form and we will reply to you in due course.


Questions about the Financial Payment Plan:

If you have any queries regarding the Financial Payments Plans and your fees due, please log into our Web Enquiry Form and we will reply to you in due course.

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