Payment Plans


Canadian Students: 

Canadian Loan Repayment Assistance Plan

Financial Payment Plan Agreement Form and Details: 

If availing of a Payment Plan, please make initial payment online and return signed agreement form. Students do not have to wait for approval and confirmation will be sent in due course.  

  • Financial Payment Plan Details 2017/2018 (224kB) 
  • Financial Payment Plans can be taken out allowing you to settle your fee liability over 8 months from September 2018 to April 2019.
  • Financial Payment Plans are available to facilitate Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
  • An initial payment of €1,000.00 for Postgraduate Students and €165.00 for Undergraduate Students must be made as part of the Online Registration process - it cannot form part of a Financial Payment Plan. 
  • Payment plans cannot be put in place for fees owing from a previous year.
  • Payment plans are not permissible for capitation fee of €165.

Undergraduate Students:

  • Student Contribution Fees of €3,000.00 and Capitation Fees of €165.00 are applicable to Undergraduate Students and can be paid in 2 installments - €1,665.00 at registration and €1,500.00 before 31st January 2019. 
  • Financial Payment Plan options are also available. The initial payment due is €540.00. This comprises a first installment payment of €375.00 plus the Capitation Fee of €165.00, with 7 monthly payments thereafter of €375.00.

Undergraduate Students/GEM:

  • Undergraduate Students required to pay full fees including Tuition and Graduate Entry Medicine Students can also avail of a Financial Payment Plan. 
  • The initial payment required would be €1,000.00 with the balance equally spread over 8 months from September to April.
  • Please see the Undergraduate Fee Schedule attached for the fees applicable: Undergraduate Fees Schedule 2018-2019 V5 (232kB) 

Repeat Undergraduate Students:

  • Please see Repeat Fee Calculator attached to determine fees payable for 2018/2019: Repeat Fee Calculator 2018-2019 (265kB)
  • The minimum plan amount is 500.00 for students repeating all or part of a year.

Postgraduate Students: 

  • An initial payment of 1,000.00 is required to avail of a Financial Payment Plan for Postgraduate Students. The balance of the fees can then be equally spread over 8 months from September to April. 
  • Please complete the Agreement Form above to avail of a Financial Payment Plan and ensure the required initial payment is made as part of the Online Registration process. The plan is only validated when the completed form is received and the initial payment is made. Please return the completed Agreement Form only to the Fees Office. 
  • All payments must be made online through the Student Admin using a Visa/Visa Debit or Master Card. Please note that a maximum payment per transaction of 1,500.00 may apply with Visa Debit Cards. In this case, payments over that amount can be made in two or more transactions.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact Maria Buckley at using the subject heading of "Financial Payment Plan Query".  

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