Confirmation of Attendance

Confirmation of Attendance Deadline 18 March 2022


Confirmation of Attendance is now open online for you to indicate that you are still studying at UCC for this academic year.  

Undergraduate students who are required to confirm their attendance for the present academic year have received an email and a text from the Fees Office.


To complete the process, please go to 

 Click on MyStudentAdmin .

Enter your Student ID number and your password and continue to login .

Click on Fees on the left-hand side menu.   

Click Confirm Attendance

You should only indicate Decline if you are not attending for Semester 2. 


  •  If you Accept this indicates that you areattending  UCC and you will be completing your full year (Semester 1 and 2).  Full Tuition fees are then claimed from  the HEA on your behalf.**
  •  If you Decline this indicates that you are no longer attending UCC. In this case half tuition fees are claimed from the  HEA on your behalf.

Once you have successfully completed the process, a confirmation email will be sent to your student umail account. If you do not receive an email,  please go back through the steps again. 

If you do not confirm your attendance, UCC can only claim half (50%) tuition fees since you have not indicated that you are here for the full year. 
The liability for the remaining 50% will be reflected on your fee account as an amount due by you if you are still registered for Semester 2. 

Common queries about this process

If you are awaiting Semester 1 Exam results: please do not complete this process until you have your results. It will remain open until March 18 2022 and can be completed any time up to this date.

If you initially registered with UCC, but you are no longer attending: your account does not yet show you have withdrawn officially from UCC. Please contact the Student Records and Examinations Office immediately at 

Students who are deferring some or all modules to the next academic year: if you are completing some modules in Semester 2, click Accept. Otherwise click Decline. 

If you are on Erasmus or on placement, you are registered in UCC for the year and you should accept.

If are registered with UCC but are considering withdrawing. Prior to completing the process and selecting Decline you should discuss your decision in full with Nóirín Deady (first year students only).If you are post first year student, you should contact the relevant course co-ordinator and Student Exams Records Office.

If you are paying your own fees due to holding a previous degree or repeat year, why do you need to confirm? 

Under the HEA Free Fees Initiative criteria, we are required to return all registered students,regardless of payment status.  To confirm you remain registered with UCC you should select accept. 

**Under the HEA (Higher Education Authority) Free Fees Initiative tuition fees are paid by the government where all relevant criteria are met. Check out what is meant by this here

UCC will claim the relevant tuition fee on your behalf from the HEA when the Confirmation of Attendance process has been completed. 


Fees Office

Oifig na dTáillí

Fees Office, North Wing, Main Quadrangle, University College Cork