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Full Economic Costing



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Full Economic Costing Oversight Board

  • Professor Anita Maguire (Chair, Vice President of Research & Innovation)
  • Mr Diarmuid Collins  (Chief Financial Officer/Bursar, Finance Office)
  • Professor Kevin Cashman (School of Food and Nutritional Sciences)
  • Professor Kathy Hall (School of Education)
  • Professor John O'Halloran (Vice President for Teaching and Learning)
  • Professor Eileen Savage (School of Nursing)
  • Professor Frederic Adam (Business Information Systems)
  • Mr Cormac McSweeney (Acting Finance Officer)
  • Ms Clare Lehane (Full Economic Costing Manager)


Academic Work Distribution-Full Economic Costing Project

Updated March 2017

The 15/16 Full Economic Costing Project is currently underway, the project team wish to thank all those who contribute to the annual process including the Academic Community, Finance, Estates, Systems Administration and Information Technology Services.  

Aggregated costing outputs from the 14/15 reporting process are currently under review locally and sectorally. 


Updated March 2016

The 14/15 AWDM-FEC report submission process launched to Heads of Academic Units and Schools with a deadline of Friday March 11th, 2016 for Heads to submit non-personalised reports to Head of College. Guidelines on the report submission process are available below.

 Guidelines on Report Submission Process 

 E-form guidelines for accessing, logging in and resetting your password

E-form guidelines for completion & submission

 The 14/15 data collection period covers the academic year from 1 September 2014 to 31st August 2015 (an estimate is made for the summer semester).

 System Access

Academic staff members involved in the prior year's data collection process can access the system as normal by clicking on this link https://ucc.simitive.com and entering their username (normally your email address unless you previously customised it) and password to access the system.

Should you require a new password then please enter your username/email address in the log in screen and click on the 'request new password' icon, shortly thereafter you will receive an email with instructions which will guide you through the resetting your password process. Once you have logged in please complete your form and submit to your Head of Academic Unit.

For new academic staff members or those newly designated within the 2014/2015 collection population e.g. returning from leave, etc.

An account has been created for you at https://ucc.simitive.com. You will have received a personalised email with your initial username and password log in details. You will have an opportunity to change them should you so wish. Once you have logged in please complete your form and submit to your Head of Academic Unit.

We very much appreciate the engagement of the academic community in previous collections and look forward to your continued support

Final reports will be available to Head of Unit to facilitate workload planning for next academic year. Institutional response rates and overview of statistics will be circulated to Colleges once the data collection, approval and reporting process has been completed

 Further information is available on the AWDM-FEC (Work Distribution Model) website   http://www.ucc.ie/en/awdm/

Should you have any difficulties logging on etc., please email academicworkload@ucc.ie directly.

If you have non techncial queries, you can contact your AWDM College representative or HR.


Resource Implications: Transferring the AWDM/FEC data collection process to an electronic platform is a two year project

2012/2013 Collection Period

The very significant engagement by the academic community with Year 1 of the AWDM/FEC collection process resulted in an institutional response rate of 94.4% of academic staff member submissions approved by Head of Academic Unit. Overall engagement across the academic community was at 96.9% (a small percentage of forms were begun but not submitted to Head of Academic unit due to sick leave, etc.). We very much appreciate the engagement of the academic community with this collection process. 

The Registrar and Full Economic Costing Chair (Vice President of Research & Innovation) and their respective teams launched an automated Full Economic Costing (FEC) and Academic Work Distribution Model (AWDM) integrated collection process early in 2014.  The very positive engagement of individual  academic staff members and Heads of School/Departments/Colleges was most welcome and the project teams wish to express their thanks to all staff members who engaged with the collection process.  Additional information is available at http://www.ucc.ie/en/awdm/

 In November 2013 the HEA initiated a study of work allocation models and published their report in June 2014.  It aimed to review the systems and practices in place for managing academic workload and noted UCC as an 'example of how one university approaches workload management from the perspective of good practice'. The full report can be viewed on the HEA website 


  Background rationale:                 

 Alignment to Strategic Objectives/External Policy Driver:


  • Strategic Plan 2013-17 – Strategic Goal 4; Applying international best practice to attract, develop and retain staff of the highest quality and to enable all staff to reach

    their full potential

  • 2011/12 University Operational Plan:  Project 2.2. Complete the introduction of the academic work distribution process.

  • 2010/11 University Operational Plan: Project 5.3.  Agree and implement the Full Economic Costing model in line with the national programme

  • 2009/10 University Operational Plan: Action 5.12. To develop UCC-specific academic work allocation model(s) and guidelines

  • National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030 recommendation 22


  Data Protection Disclaimer

The information you supply in relation to your Academic Work Distribution  will be used to:

  • facilitate your unit in using their resources to optimise the quality and quantity of outputs having regard to staff development goals;
  • quantify scholarly activities to balance load against capacity and to aid comparability of work distribution at Academic Unit, College and University levels;
  • provide information to facilitate decisions on resource allocation and;
  • create a framework to capture information on academic activities to allow the University to report with greater precision.

 The information you supplied in relation to Full Economic Costing will be averaged by academic unit within one of six nationally agreed Full Economic Costing academic grades.  Only academic unit grade averages are used within the costing system.  

The information will not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party. If you wish to correct/amend your personal details, please contact academicworkload@ucc.ie in the first instance.  If you wish to access your personal data or have any further queries in relation to Data Protection, please contact the University's Information Compliance Officer (email: foi@ucc.ie; telephone: 021 4903949)


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