Thesis Submission Deadlines

E-thesis Submission for Examination Deadlines

  • Students with a July start date, the deadline is Fri 5th July 2019, 12.30 pm
  • Students with an October start date, the deadline is Fri 4th October 2019, 12.30 pm
  • Students with a January start date, the deadline is Fri 3rd January 2020, 12.30 pm
  • Students with an April start date, the deadline is Fri 3rd April 2020, 12.30 pm

Submission of the thesis should be made ONLINE HERE

It may take up to three weeks for your thesis to be processed and sent to the examiners.  You should take this into account when planning your thesis submission and a date for your viva.  However, if you submit in the weeks before the final deadline, your thesis submission should be processed very quickly.

Final E-thesis Submission Deadlines and Eligibility for Conferring

To be eligible to graduate at a conferring ceremony, you must first have submitted your e-thesis for examination. Following the examination, the examiners' report must be approved by the Academic Council Graduate Studies Committee (ACGSC).

Please plan ahead for your final submission and graduation according to these dates. 

Deadline for examiners' reports to be  
submitted to the GSO for consideration at ACGSC
ACGSC dates 2018/2019Deadline for final e-thesis submission Student is then eligible to graduate in the 
following conferring ceremony 
23rd August 2019 04th September 2019 11th September 2019 Autumn 2019
04th October 2019 09th October 2019 19th December 2019 Spring 2020
15th November 2019 20th November 2019 19th December 2019 Spring 2020
17th January 2020 22nd January 2020 06th May 2020 Summer 2020
21st February 2020 26th February 2020 06th May 2020  Summer 2020 
27th March 2020 01st April 2020 06th May 2020 Summer 2020 
20th April 2020 22nd April 2020 (sub-committee) 06th May 2020 Summer 2020
29th May 2020 03rd June 2020 02nd  September 2020 Autumn 2020
13th July 2020 15th July 2020 (Sub-Committee) 02nd  September 2020 Autumn 2020
17th August 2020 19th August 2020 (Sub-Committee) 02nd September 2020 Autumn 2020

A candidate's conferring is dependent on his/her examiners' report being approved at a particular meeting. Subsequent to approval at ACGSC, a candidate must submit their final e-thesis to the UCC Library via CORA, the University's online repository, at least one month in advance of the conferring ceremony. 

If you have questions on your conferrings, please contact 

Graduate Studies Office

Oifig na Staidéar Iarchéime

2nd Floor, West Wing, Main Quad, UCC , T12 YN60

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