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All students should have health insurance cover. This may be provided by your government through the public healthcare system or alternatively through private medical insurance. In the case of visa requiring students it is mandatory before a visa will be issued. Please review details below to learn about your health insurance requirements and options.

Non-EU Students

First time Registration

All non-EU students must have private health insurance for Immigration purposes.  This must cover them from the date they arrive to Ireland until the date they leave.  Alternatively, you must produce a travel insurance policy that covers you from the date you arrive until the date you start college (i.e. start date of medical insurance policy). 

Immigration will only grant permission to reside in Ireland if you can produce a private health insurance policy documentation.

You will need to arrange the health insurance yourself but UCC have agreed a special rate with Study and Protect (formally known as O’Driscoll O’Neill).  It is a minimal cost of €160 per year*. 

In the case of visa requiring students it is mandatory to submit private health insurance details with the visa application. (The health insurance document must be written in English).

See here for more information regarding the above.


Renewal of Registration

See here for more information regarding the above.

Visiting EU Students

Visiting European students are expected to have their European Health Insurance Card, which is issued in their home country, prior to departure and before arrival in Ireland.

While EU students can avail of the public health service all students are advised that it is highly desirable to have cover for private medical care. Such cover would ensure that a student has choice of doctor, choice of hospital and choice of hospital accommodation in the event of illness.

All Students

Students are advised that in addition to medical insurance being a visa and immigration requirement the cost of Healthcare in Ireland is high. A one night stay in hospital can cost in excess of €1200. Therefore we would recommend that all students carry medical insurance in case they are taken ill or are involved in an accident whilst studying with us.  

Students often wonder why private health insurance is necessary given that UCC has a Student Health Department.  You need private medical insurance to cover any emergency situation where you might need to be hospitalised or access to private consultations.

Options for Private Health Insurance

A. Obtain health cover from home country. Please ensure that it is valid in Ireland. Please note that in cases where there is a high deductible (excess) it may be less expensive to purchase health insurance in Ireland.

B. Obtain private health insurance from providers operating in the Irish Market.

C. Some students have also availed of the services of Bupa Global.  Details are available at


Irish Health Insurance Companies:

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The most competitively priced insurance policy available is the Medicover Standard Medical Expenses policy underwritten by Ace at €160 for cover for a year.  This is available for those registering as a student for the first time in Ireland.

VHI Healthcare


UCC Students may purchase private health insurance from VHI by going to: UCC Student VHI

In the case of international students the University has an agreement with VHI under scheme 33/2793 which enables you to avail of a group plan. Please indicate that you are a student at University College Cork.

Laya Healthcare
Aviva Health

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‌Please check when cover commences and what exactly is covered in the policy. Give consideration to repatriation.‌‌

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