Research Centres/Groups

INSIGHT Centre for Data Analytics

The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a joint initiative between researchers at UCD, NUI Galway, UCC, DCU, and other partner institutions. It will bring together a critical mass of more than 200 researchers from Ireland's leading ICT centres to develop a new generation of data analytics technologies in a number of key application areas. See Research Groups and their leaders at:

Centre for Unified Computing (CUC)

The Centre for Unified Computing is a research group based at University College Cork, Ireland. Our primary research interests are High Performance and Distributed Computing, with related work being performed in numerous areas such as Peer-to-Peer Computing, Autonomics, Security, Reconfigurable Computing and Economic Models. We are perhaps best known for WebCom, a metacomputing environment that has been the focus of many years of research. Much of our work, including WebCom, stems from the Condensed Graphs model of computing developed by the group's founder, Prof. John Morrison. The group has been in existence for almost a decade and is currently composed of three academic staff members, four postdoctoral researchers and ten postgraduate students. Over this period we have attracted significant amounts of funding, written a large number of published papers, hosted several events and participated in a number of collaborations with outside researchers. We are happy to answer any queries you may have, and may be reached through any of the methods described in our contact page.

Mobile & Internet Systems Laboratory (MISL)

The Mobile & Internet Systems Laboratory is a research laboratory within the Department of Computer Science at University College Cork. The Laboratory conducts research in the areas of computer networking and systems, with a focus on applications in the mobile/wireless and multimedia domains.

The MISL is led by Professor Cormac J. Sreenan. The Laboratory was founded in year 2000 after Prof. Sreenan joined UCC from AT&T (Bell) Labs in the USA. Currently, over 15 research students and staff are involved in various research projects as part of the Mobile and Internet Systems Laboratory.

The Laboratory currently has four major research areas of interest:

  • Video Streaming and Content Delivery Optimisation
  • Quality of Service/Experience in Wireless Networks
  • Next-generation Telecoms Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks

Boole Centre for Research Informatics (BCRI)

The Boole Centre for Research in Informatics is an ambitious project bringing together the expertise of the School of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics (abbreviated here as Mathematical Sciences or MS) and the Department of Computer Science (CS) at University College Cork to carry out interdisciplinary research under the banner of Informatics. This represents the interface between the two disciplines and provides the motivation for the link with the name of George Boole, who was the first Professor of Mathematics at the former Queen’s College, Cork.

Computer Security Group

Security research has been carried out in the Department of Computer Science for many years. We are interested in developing practical and robust techniques for security and privacy in complex systems.  Our research interests include distributed/network access controls, security assurance, and the security of cyber physical systems.

Lero - The Irish Software Research Centre

It brings together leading software research teams from Universities and Institutes of Technology in a coordinated centre of research excellence with a strong industry focus. Lero has raised the level and profile of Irish software research with such effect that it is now one of the best known and highly regarded software-related research centres in the world. Staff includes: Professor Gregory Provan, Dr Klaas Jan Stol

USER Group

The UCC Software Engineering Research (USER) Group studies how companies develop complex software systems, and seeks to understand what the future of software development looks like. In particular, USER Group researchers conduct theoretical and empirical studies that describe, reflect on, and theorize about how software development is conducted in industry. Specific topics include company involvement in open source projects, inner source, crowdsourcing, and the tailoring of agile and lean software development methods. The group uses a variety of research methods, and the group also publish methodological guidelines for the wider software engineering community. The group is led by Dr Klaas-Jan Stol.

Research Competencies

 The Department of Computer Science conducts research in the core areas of:

• Cloud Technologies and Networks

• Decision Support, Human Computer Interaction and Media

while developing and exploiting applications in:

• Enviromatics

• Health/Wellbeing and

• the Innovative Enterprise

Technical Specialism

- Cloud technologies & networks

- Mobile, Parallel, Networked and Distributed Computing

- Security and Risk Management

- Programming Languages

-Wireless Sensor Networks

Decision Support, Human Computer Interaction & Media

- Optimisation, Data Analytics, Constraint Programming and Operations Research

- recommender Systems and Social Media

- Artificial Intelligence

- Multimedia and Visualisation

See more about our research by clicking the following link:

CSIT Strategic Research Statement



Researcher Expertise

Academic Staff - Research Expertise

  • Dr Frank Boehme Communications Theory
  • Dr Klaas-Jan Stol 1. Empirical Software Engineering 2. Software Development Processes and Methods


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