Course Comparison Table

Course Comparison Table (PDF)




BSc Computer Science



BSc Data Science & Analytics



BA Digital Humanities & Information Technology


BA Psychology & Computing (accredited by Psychological Society of Ireland)


Are you keen to understand the scientific and engineering principles of how computers work and study advanced topics e.g. AI and cyber-security?

Do you like mathematics? Would you like to combine statistics with computing for advanced decision making?


Are you interested in the humanities? How about applying computing skills for cultural and societal benefits?

Are you interested in the psychology of how people use computing devices and how technology can be made more human-centric?






Additional entry reqt.

02/H6 in Mathematics

H3 in Mathematics

No additional requirements

02/H6 in Mathematics

Schools / Departments involved

Computer Science

Computer Science (50%) and Statistics (50%)

Computer Science (30 cr.) + Digital Humanities (20 cr.) + Arts Minor Subject (10 credits) choose one from:

Archaeology; Béaloideas; Celtic Civilisation; Chinese Studies; Economics; English; Geography; German; Greek; History; Spanish; Italian; Latin; Philosophy; Politics; Religions and Global Diversity.

Computer Science (50%) and Psychology (50%)


4 years

4 years

3 years / 4 years with placement or academic year abroad

3 years / 4 years with placement


2019 (402); 2020 (468); 2021 (495)


2019 (509); 2020 (510); 2021 (531)


2019 (307); 2020 (336); 2021 (339)


2019 (402); 2020 (466); 2021 (488)

2022 (478)

Work placement






No prior experience necessary

No prior experience necessary

No prior experience necessary

No prior experience necessary

Programming languages

Python, Java, C, JavaScript and Haskell

Python, R, Java, C, SQL

Python, JavaScript and HTML

Python, JavaScript

Differentiating modules

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Data structure & Algorithms / Compilers, Middleware, Programming, Security, Systems & Networks…

Distributed Big Data, Algorithms, Machine learning, Data Visualisation, Linear algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Mathematical modelling, Stochastic modelling, Operations research

Note some of the statistic modules allow for actuary exemptions

Internet Computing; Information Systems and Electronic Commerce; Student Learning in the Digital Age; Digital Tools & Methodologies…


Interaction Design, Social Computing, Human-Centred Computing, User Experience (UX), Applied Cognition, Research Design and Statistical Analysis, Health Psychology, Psychology of Ageing, Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence…


Careers opportunities (but not limited to)

Mobile/ Multimedia Development; Project Management; Security Analysis; Software Engineering and Development; Systems Administration; Systems Development; Technical Consultancy; IT Analysis…

Big data Development; Business Analytic; Customer Analysis; Data Analysis and Reporting; Data Engineering; Data Science; Data Science and Modelling; Data Warehouse Management; Fraud and Risk Analysis …


Digital Archivist; Digital Content Curation; Digital Publishers; Digital Resources Specialist; Software Localisation / Languages….

The demand greatly exceeds the supply for qualified graduates to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of technologies such as video games; social media, interactive exhibitions; simulated environments e.g. VR
  • Invent interfaces that interpret and mimic human senses, i.e. touch, speech, gestures e.g. robots, personal assistant such as Alexa, Siri.

Sample companies / types of recruiting graduates


Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Dell EMC, Google, IBM, Intel,, Mckensson, Microsoft, Pilz, Poppulo, Workday, VMware, Xerox …

AIB/BOI, Amazon, Apple, CSO, EMC, Eli Lilly, Ernest & Young, Dairygold, Dell, Facebook, MaRei, Google, Logitech, KPMG, Government Departments / State Agencies, Paddy Power, PWC, Tesco, Zurich,

Museums, Social Media Companies, Stryker, Teamwork, McAfee, Musgrave, News media, Google, Apple…

Companies developing hardware & software to meet end-user needs across a wide range of industries, including Apple, Jaguar/Landrover, Logitech, Google, Instagram, Teamworks, Accenture, Ericsson, Deloitte. 

Further study in CS and Psychology related areas

  • MSc Computer Science,
  • MSc Data Science & Analytics,

MSc (research) / PhD (2H1 in UG degree)

  • MSc Computing Science

MSc (research) / PhD (2H1 in UG degree)

MSc Research / PhD (2H1 in UG degree)

  • MA Applied Psychology

As the programme is accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland, graduates are eligible to apply to selected master courses in Psychology in Ireland

  • Higher Diploma in Psychology
  • Higher Diploma in Applied Computer Technology – those who achieve a 1 H can apply for the MSc Data Science & Analytics and MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Interactive Media

MSc Research / PhD for those who achieve 2H1


Software Engineer

0-3 years - €40,00- €50,000

3-5 years - €50,000 - €70,000

5+ years - €70,000 - €90,000


Data Scientist / Data Architect/

0-3 years - €50,00- €65,000

3-5 years - €65,000 - €80,000

5+ years - €80,000 - €110,000

Technical support / Web Designer

0-3 years - €30,00- €45,000

3-5 years - €45,000 - €60,000

5+ years - €60,000 - €75,000

Front end /UI Developer/UX Designer:

0-3 years - €30,00-55,000

3-5 years - €55,000 - €60,000

5+ years - €65,000 - €85000

School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Scoil na Ríomheolaíochta agus na Teicneolaíochta Faisnéise

School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Western Gateway Building, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork, Ireland