Working Paper Series

1. MacFeely and Delaney

1. MacFeely and Delaney - Employment in the Irish Tourism Industries: Using Administrative Data to Conduct a Structural and Retional Analysis



2. MacFeely and O'Brien

2. MacFeely and O'Brien - How Many Family Businesses are There Really and Does ICT and Innovation Improve their Performance?



3. MacFeely and Moore

3. MacFeely and Moore - Collecting Earnings Statistics using Payroll Software - Lessons from Ireland


4. Kenneally and Jakee

4. Kenneally and Jakee - Compulsory Voting: What Difference Can Increasing Turnout Make?


5. Kenneally and Marty

5. Kenneally and Marty - Common Water Resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Conflice and Co-operative Solutions


6. Woods, da Mata

6. Woods, da Mata - Cost-effectiveness of ART Restorations in Elderly Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial

CPS-WP: 13-006

7. Woods, da Mata

7. Woods, da Mata - ART and Conventional Restorations in the Management of Caries in Older Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial


8. Buckley G, Kenneally M, Walshe V.

8. Buckley G, Kenneally M, Walshe V (2013) Variations in the Average Cost of GMS Medicines in Ireland.


9. Kenneally M. and Lynch B.

9. Kenneally M, Lynch B, (2013) Variations in the Health Status of Irish Regions.


10. MacFeely S. and Dunne J.

10. MacFeely S, Dunne J, Joining Up Public Service Information: The Rationale for a National Data Infrastructure.


11. Kenneally M. and Lynch B.

11. Kenneally M, Lynch B (2013) Disparities in the Health of Irish Regions: First Estimates.


12. Kenneally M. and Lynch B.

12. Kenneally M, Lynch B (2014) Why Do Drug Prescribing Rates Differ Across Irish Regions?


13. MacFeely, S.

13.  MacFeely S. (2018) Big data and official statistics.


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