Working Paper Series

1. MacFeely and Delaney - Employment in the Irish Tourism Industries: Using Administrative Data to Conduct a Structural and Retional Analysis


CPS-WP:13-001 (1,008kB)

2. MacFeely and O'Brien - How Many Family Businesses are There Really and Does ICT and Innovation Improve their Performance?


CPS-WP:13-002 (502kB)

3. MacFeely and Moore - Collecting Earnings Statistics using Payroll Software - Lessons from Ireland

CPS-WP:13-003 (286kB)

4. Kenneally and Jakee - Compulsory Voting: What Difference Can Increasing Turnout Make?

CPS-WP:13-004 (416kB)

5. Kenneally and Marty - Common Water Resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Conflice and Co-operative Solutions

CPS-WP:13-005 (481kB)

6. Woods, da Mata - Cost-effectiveness of ART Restorations in Elderly Adults: A Randomized Clinical Trial

CPS-WP: 13-006 (235kB)

7. Woods, da Mata - ART and Conventional Restorations in the Management of Caries in Older Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

CPS-WP:13-007 (342kB)

8. Buckley G, Kenneally M, Walshe V (2013) Variations in the Average Cost of GMS Medicines in Ireland.

CPS-WP:13-008 (448kB)

9. Kenneally M, Lynch B, (2013) Variations in the Health Status of Irish Regions.

CPS-WP:13-009 (459kB)

10. MacFeely S, Dunne J, Joining Up Public Service Information: The Rationale for a National Data Infrastructure.

CPS-WP:13-010 (460kB)

11. Kenneally M, Lynch B (2013) Disparities in the Health of Irish Regions: First Estimates.

CPS-WP:13-011 (542kB)

12. Kenneally M, Lynch B (2014) Why Do Drug Prescribing Rates Differ Across Irish Regions?

CPS-WP:14-012 (462kB)

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