The Department of Sociology, University College Cork is recognised internationally for the excellence of its research which has been independently evaluated through two university wide reviews which ranked the Department in the equivalent top 10-15% in Europe. The Dept. has specialist teaching and research strengths in a number of areas.

Staff in the Department have a wide range of research interests (please see ‘Current Staff and their Research Interests’ for specific information on staff interests). Approximately, staff research interests cluster into these groups:

Crime and Criminal Justice, Criminology, Deviance and Violence

Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

Gender, Sexuality and Identity, Feminism

Health/Medical Sociology and Technology

Human Rights, Borders and Migration

Sociological Theory and Methods, Historical Sociology

Current staff and their research interests

Outlined below is a list of our current staff and their main areas of research interest. More detailed information on each staff member can be found here:


Dr M. Balfe: Medical Sociology and Sociology of Technology. 

Dr James Cuffe: Technology, Criminology and Anthropology.

Dr Amin Isaloo: Sociology of Law and Politics, Anthropology

Dr K. Keohane: Sociological Theory, Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization, Forensic Sociology.

Dr O. Lynch: Criminology, Terrorism, Violence.

Dr G. Mullally: Sociology of Community, Sustainability and the Environment.

Dr T. O’Keefe: Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Family, Feminism.

Dr P. O’Mahony: Critical Social Theory, Sociology of the Public Sphere.

Prof. M. O’Neill: Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, Sociological Methods, Sociological Theory.

Prof. A. Szakolczai: Sociological Theory, Anthropology, Historical Sociology.

Dr T. Skillington: Sociology of Human Rights, Law and Social Justice, Sociology of Climate Change.

Dr K. Swirak: Criminology, Youth Justice/Sociology of Young People, Sociological Perspectives on Social Policy.

Dr J. Windle: Criminology, Organized Crime, Sociology of Drugs.

Department of Sociology


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