Staff at Sociology and Criminology


Myles Balfe (College Lecturer)

Tom Boland (Senior Lecturer, Head of Department)

Joan Cronin (College Lecturer)

James Cuffe (College Lecturer)

Mastoureh Fathi (College Lecturer)

Des Fitzgerald (Professor of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences)

Caroline Healy (Administration)

Kieran Keohane (Professor of Sociology)

Orla Lynch (Senior Lecturer & Dean of Doctoral Studies)

Gemma Mc Carthy (Administration)

Paula Meaney (Resource Centre Coordinator)

Gerard Mullally (College Lecturer)

John O'Brien (College Lecturer)

Theresa O'Keefe (College Lecturer)

Patrick O'Mahony (Senior Lecturer)

Maggie O'Neill (Professor of Sociology & Criminology)

Amin Sharifi Isaloo (College Lecturer)

Mary Colette Sheehan (Administration)

Tracey Skillington (College Lecturer)

Katharina Swirak (College Lecturer)

Kevin Sweeney (College Lecturer)

Arpad Szakolczai (Emeritus Professor of Sociology)

James Windle (College Lecturer)

Department of Sociology & Criminology

Socheolaíocht & Coireolaíocht

Askive, Donovan's Road, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, T12 DT02