Staff at Sociology


Myles Balfe (College Lecturer)

William Brady (M.Plan: Planning & Sustainable Development)

Caroline Healy (Administration)

Niamh Hourigan (Head of Department)

Kieran Keohane (Senior Lecturer)

Orla Lynch (Director MA Criminology)

Paula Meaney (Resource Centre Coordinator)

Gerard Mullally (College Lecturer)

Theresa O'Keefe (College Lecturer)

Patrick O'Mahony (Senior Lecturer)

Jerry O'Sullivan (Administration)

Tracey Skillington (College Lecturer)

Colin Sumner (Senior Lecturer) - on sabbatical research leave in 2018

Katharina Swirak (College Lecturer)

Arpad Szakolczai (The Professor of Sociology)



A selection of books published by Department of Sociology staff since 2011:

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Hourigan, Niamh (2011) Understanding Limerick: Social exclusion and change. Cork: Cork University Press

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Orla Lynch, Javier Argomaniz (2014) Victims of Terrorism: A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Study. London: Routledge

Gillian Duncan, Orla Lynch, Gilbert Ramsay, Alison Watson (2013) State Terrorism and Human Rights. London: Routledge

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