GP/GDP Referrals

GP/GDP Referral Form

 Patient Referral Form

Please use this form to refer a patient to the Dental School and Hospital. Once completed it can be returned by fax to: 

Restorative Dept - Fax 021 434 5737   

Oral Surgery Dept - Fax 021 490 1179

Paediatric Dept - Fax 021 490 1192


This  form can also be sent by post to University Dental School and Hosptial, Wilton, Cork. 

Guidance Notes Patient Referral Form

Please also see below a poster which can be downloaded and displayed in your clinic.

Referral Poster


Urgent Referrals to the Oral Surgery Department for suspected malignant tumours.

Urgent referrals of patients with suspected malignant tumours will be seen on the very next available clinic that has the facilities to investigate appropriately. Referrals can be faxed to the department on 021 490 1179.  An appointment call also be made by telephone on 02 1490 1100.  Please do not send patients to the department without contacting us first. 


A female student working on a patient.

Cork University Dental School & Hospital

Wilton, Cork, Ireland