GP/GDP Referrals

GP/GDP Referral Form/Health link

 There are now two ways to refer a patient: 

1. Referral Form

2. Health Link 


1. Referral Form

Please use this form to refer a patient to the Dental School and Hospital. Once completed it can be returned by email to:

This  form can also be sent by post to University Dental School and Hosptial, Wilton, Cork. 

Guidance Notes Patient Referral Form

Please also see below a poster which can be downloaded and displayed in your clinic.

Referral Poster


Urgent Referrals to the Oral Surgery Department for suspected malignant tumours.

Urgent referrals of patients with suspected malignant tumours will be seen on the very next available clinic that has the facilities to investigate appropriately. Referrals can be faxed to the department on 021 490 1179.  An appointment call also be made by telephone on 02 1490 1100.  Please do not send patients to the department without contacting us first. 
2.  NEW Health link 

Cork University Dental School and Hospital are committed to ensuring that a streamlined system for referrals from GP’s and GDP’s is in place.  As part of this process we have been included in the National Health Messaging broker “Healthlink”. 

This is a free web based messaging service which is funded by the HSE.  It allows for the secure transmission of clinical patient information between hospitals, healthcare agencies, GP’s and can also be used by GDP’s.  Referrals can be sent through this system, an acknowledgement will issue to the referring practitioner confirming that the referral has been received.  Previously this system was in use for GP’s only, however Healthlink have confirmed that GDP’s can also use the system.  As an interim measure you will need to apply using your dental council registration number in the medical council registration field.  We have requested Healthlink to change their website to reflect the extension of this to GDP’s so please bear with us whilst these changes are underway.  Please note that we cannot treat patients using their medical cards, should the GDP wish to have the patient treated under this scheme you will need to refer the patient to the Principal Dental Surgeon in the first instance for approval, they will then forward the approval to ourselves.  Please note that we only accept patients under our service level agreement with the HSE from the South/South West HSE area.  If you wish to begin using this free system to submit your referrals electronically, please click on the following link

You will need to apply and once you have been set up, you will have the facility to send referrals electronically to Cork University Dental School and Hospital as well as the HSE hospitals.


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