Current Dental Students

Student Life

Student life is not all work and no play. An essential part of the undergraduate experience is embracing the rich variety of experiences that student life can offer.

The university has many clubs and societies and more information on these can be found on

Dental students are very active socially especially through the Dental Society

The highlight of the year is the Dental Ball which is held every autumn in one of the many fine hotels in Cork.


University life and study can be a challenge. The pressures of study; patient care; financial support and achieving an appropriate work-life balance can compound this. The teaching staff in the University Dental School & Hospital is very conscious of this and a mentoring programme has been established to support undergraduate dental students. Mentoring is a learning and supportive relationship were the Mentor (staff) will  maintain an active awareness of issues relating to the students well-being, progress, governance and optimal learning. Each student is assigned a personal Mentor for their period of study in the School of Dentistry.

Support Services

SURE Award 2017

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) Awards 2017 


Application Form: SURE Award 2017  


Please return the completed application form to Mary Keelan @  by Friday 26 May 2017. 


The award covers an 8-week work stipend of €150 per week, plus an allowance for consumables (total of each award not to exceed €2000) 


Cork University Dental School & Hospital

Wilton, Cork, Ireland