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Our mission is to provide an efficient, effective and professional financial service to all students, staff and stakeholders, with regard to the administration of student fees at University College Cork (UCC) 


The Fees Office is located on the first floor of the North Wing of the Main Quadrangle in  UCC.
Opening Hours:  

                          Monday 10.30am-1.00pm,  2.00pm-5.00pm.

                          Tuesday- Friday 9.00am -1.00pm,   2.00pm-5.00pm     

Find us on Facebook; Email us: fees@fin.ucc.ie; Tel: 021-4903929/2365


January 31st 2017 is the deadline for payment of the second half of fees for 2016-2017. Students should familiarise themselves with the implications of non-payment of fees, as outlined in the UCC Student Debtor Policy below.


Student Debtors Policy 2016-2017 (29kB)

Students who have not yet Confirmed Attendance, please note that you must do so by March 2017.  In order to confirm attendance for the 2nd semester of the academic year, please follow the instructions below:


Open IT Services for Students

Click on My Student Admin

Enter your Student ID number and Portal@UCC password

Click on Log In, Fees, Confirm Attendance and follow the instructions.


‌Fees for Home/EU and non EU students for the Academic Year 2016-17:



Undergraduate Fees Schedule 2016-17 (298kB) ‌ ‌

Repeat Undergraduate Students

Repeat students pay fees according to the amount of credits they are repeating and can get a plan for the amount of the Tuition fee plus the Student Contribuiton fee they are liable for.  If you are a repeat student, to see how much you need to pay, download the Repeat Fee Calculator 2016_2017 (264kB) (264kB) and open to see your fees payable.  Repeat fees include the Capitation fee, and the proportionate amount of Tuition and Student Contribution.  Pay the Capitation fee online initially, and work out and select your plan by using the Payment Plan calculator (15kB)


University College Cork has introduced a Student Debtor Policy. Students must pay their fees by the notified dates. A late fee penalty applies in all cases where fees payable by the student are paid after the notified payment date. It is the responsibility of students to familiarise themselves with the the University's regulations, which cover student fees, payment dates and registration procedures. Liability for fees rests with the student for the duration of their course. Students with outstanding fees will not receive details of examinations or examination results, and will not be permitted to progress to the next year of their studies.

To view the policy in full please click here 

Student Debtors Policy 2016-2017 (29kB)

The Fees office kindly requests that you submit your appeal in writing and not by email. If you are appealing because of e.g. illness at the time of the payment deadline, include copies of medical certs etc.  Please include your student number, address and phone number in your correspondence and your letter can be posted to The Finance officer, North Wing, University College Cork or handed into the Fees office, or alternatively left in the Post box outside the office.


Late Payment Fees Appeal (238kB)




SUSI applicants/grant holders - Fees payable for 2016-17 


Paying fees when registering

For First Year Undergraduates only, if you have been awarded the full SUSI grant or you are still waiting on approval, pay the Capitation Fee of €165 on-line, and bring your documentation from SUSI to Registration Part 2.  Then a Student ID card can be issued to you.  If subsequently, you are deemed ineligible for a SUSI Grant, please pay €1,500 immediately, and the balance of €1,500 in full by the 31st of January 2017.

For Progressing Undergraduates, if you are still waiting for your grant to be renewed, then pay the first instalment of €165 online when registering.  If you have subsequently been declined the full grant, please pay the balance of the first instalment, €1,500 immediately and note that the second instalment must be paid on or before the 31st January 2017. 


For Postgraduates, if by the time of Registration Part 2, you have not been awarded a SUSI grant, pay half of your Tuition fee on-line and bring your documentation from SUSI to Registration.  For those who have been awarded a grant see instructions re paying fees in Registration email sent to you (Step 11. Fees Payment of 1st instalment), and bring your documentation from SUSI to Registration Part 2.  Please note the following:  Any outstanding fees that the student is liable for must be paid by the 31st January 2017.


Undergraduates:  How much must I pay?

Undergraduate students eligible for 'free fees' and the full SUSI grant are only liable for the Capitation fee of €165 (payable online when registering for the academic year)

Undergraduate students eligible for 'free fees' and a grant for 50% Student Contribution must pay €1,500 + €165 = €1,665 (€915 payable when registering online and the balance on or before the 31st January 2017)


Postgraduates: How much must I pay?


If the student is awarded the Postgraduate Fee Contribution, this means that SUSI will pay €2,000 toward the Total fee.  Therefore, the student is liable for the balance of the fee, half of which is payable when registering online for the academic year and the other half is payable on or before the 31st January 2017.

For a student awarded the grant for Postgraduate Tuition fees only, SUSI will pay fees up to a maximum of €6,720.  Therefore,  if the Total fee is more than this amount, the student will be liable for the balance, half of which is payable when registering online and the other half must be paid by 31st January 2017.


Note:  Only when the amounts payable, when registering at the beginning of the academic year are paid, can a Student card be issued.



Students registering for the academic year 2016-17

Students are expected to pay fees, or part of when registering online for the new academic year.

Instructions have been issued in your registration emails telling you how much, and how to pay fees online, as part of Registration Part 1.

If fees have not been paid by Registration Part 2, a student ID card cannot be issued.


How to pay fees online:

Please read carefully the instructions below;

Click on the MyStudentAdmin icon 

Enter your Student Number and your Password

Click on Fees

Click on Pay Outstanding Fees (the amount outstanding in your account will show) 

Click on Proceed to bring you to the payment screen

If the 'Amount due' is not the amount you intend paying at this point, change it here

Input Cardholder name

Click on Pay now.  Note: Before clicking on 'Pay now' please ensure that the amount showing is the amount you intend paying at this time

Enter your bank details here.


Please note that for some Debit card users, the most that the user may be allowed to pay per transaction is €1,500.  In that case, if the fee being paid is more than €1,500, then the payment process will have to be repeated until the fee is paid.



Paying by Credit Transfer:

For Students who wish to pay fees by Wire Transfer, click on the link below:

 Wire transfer Bank Account Details (172kB)


Please note that you must use the Student ID number given by the college as the Reference when paying.

‌‌The University accepts no obligation to refund any fee or part of any fee paid in respect of any course or service provided by the University. The University is authorised, however, to issue partial refunds to all students who withdraw in the current academic year as stated on the Fee Refund Policy.

Students remain liable for fees up to the date that they officially withdraw from the University. Before students make a final decision about withdrawing, they should contact Nóirín Deady, First Year Experience Coordinator - n.deady@ucc .  Nóirín will discuss all your options with you.
Fee Refund Policy 2015-16 (247kB)

Please complete one form per student, per year

F1 Postgraduate support fee form 2016-17 (1,620kB)

  • If F1 form is not completed in full, it will be returned to the department.
  • Please ensure you include a department name and contact number, should there be any queries in relation to the form.
  • Please note that the student in receipt of Research Funding must now also sign the F1 form.  The F1 form will be returned to the department if the student’s signature is not on the form.
  •  Please return completed form to Deirdre Daly, Fees Office, UCC (021) 4902954
  • Should you have any queries, please e-mail Deirdre.daly@ucc.ie

The University provides a Fee Concession Scheme for staff, the amount of which will vary depending on the full-time or part-time nature of the staff contract. The Scheme is limited to the fees payable in respect of two programmes of study, one at undergraduate & one at postgraduate level. 

For the list of appropriate forms, and FAQs please click on the following link, which will direct you to the HR website.



Students going abroad on an Erasmus Programme must register online with UCC and pay fees.

The Capitation fee of €165 must be paid by all undergraduate students and if the student is also liable for the Student Contribution fee or a portion of this fee, these fees must be paid according to the terms of the Student Debtor Policy 2016-17.  All fees must be paid by 31st January 2017.

First year Home/EU undergraduate students beginning their studies in UCC in September, should click on the link regarding eligibility for 'free fees,' to find out if the state will pay the Tuition component of their fees.



Where a student has commenced, and completed or not completed a Third Level Course, they need to fill out the form below, and return to the Fees Office, in order that their eligibility for Free Tuition Fees can be assessed.

Previous attendance form 2016/17 (574kB)


Where a student needs to be assessed for determination of EU/Non-EU status, please download and fill the form below, and return to the Fees Office.

Fee Status application form 2016-17 (185kB)



The following Statement has been released by the Irish University Association in response to the news that the United Kingdom will be leaving the EU:

In the period of uncertainty following the recent UK referendum to leave the European Union, the Irish universities collectively wish to reassure all UK students currently enrolled in an Irish university that they will continue to enjoy the same conditions as other EU students regarding fees and contributions, for the duration of their degree.

The Irish universities also confirm that UK applicants planning to enter an Irish university in 2016 will likewise enjoy these same conditions as other EU students for the duration of their degree.

As previously announced, UK applicants to Irish universities in 2016 and following years will benefit from a revised model for converting A-Level grades to Leaving Certificate points.

In the context of Brexit, the Irish universities wish to reaffirm their desire to encourage student mobility between the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and particularly with Northern Ireland.


Further information may be obtained from the Fees Office. Tel. 353 (0)21 4903929 / 4903932 / 4902365 or Email:fees@fin.ucc.ie

‌‌‌Payment plans are available at the beginning of the academic year for Home/EU Undergraduates and Postgraduates.

For a student registering to start in September,  a Payment plan enables the student to spread payments by paying fees in monthly instalments. 

For more information read the following:

To pay fees in instalments, the student needs to download, fill, sign the Payment plan form (262kB)and post or hand into the Fees office, North Wing, UCC.  Read the notes attached for more details, and before signing, please read the Payment plan Terms and Conditions (196kB)



Undergraduate Fees Schedule 2016-17 (298kB)

Undergraduates must pay the Capitation fee at least when registering and can then pay the remainder of their fees in instalments with a Payment plan. 

Therefore, having paid the Capitation fee (B) (See Fees Schedule above):

Students with EU fees status, liable for the Total fee (D), can get a plan for the Tuition fee (C) plus the Student Contribution fee (A) (See Fees Schedule above) 

Students qualifying for 'free fees' can get a plan for the Student Contribution fee (A) 

For both categories of students above, enter the fee balance after subtracting the Capitation fee from your fees payable into the Payment Plan calculator (15kB) and select which plan suits. (Note: Enter the amount into the 2nd category i.e. Undergraduate Plans to pay Tuition and Contribution fees)




Postgraduates must make a minimum payment of €1,000 toward the Total fee payable. The student can then pay the remainder of the fees payable, in instalments, with a Payment plan.  Work out your plan by downloading Payment Plan calculator (15kB).  Simply subract 1,000 from your fees payable (See Fees Schedule above) and enter the remainder into the calculator, and select which plan suits.






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