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The Fees Office will be Closed for Business Friday, 18th April to Friday, 25th April Inclusive


The Office will re-open 28th April 2014


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an efficient, effective and professional financial service to all students, staff and stakeholders, with regard to the administration of student fees at University College Cork (UCC)



Please read the Fee Debtor Policy - Student Debtor Policy 2013-2014 and familiarise yourself with the consequences of not paying your fees




The Fees Office is located on the first floor of the North Wing of the Main Quadrangle in  UCC.


Our Opening Hours are as follows:                Monday         10.00am-1.00pm


                                                        Tuesday- Friday            9.00am -1.00pm


 Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/uccfeesoffice

Email us: fees@fin.ucc.ie

Tel: 021-4903929/2365


First Year Undergraduates entitled to Free Fees, and  who have applied to SUSI   Capitation Fee & Evidence of proof of application to SUSI with Application Number €160

This must be paid as part of the on-line Registration Process in September

If grant application is refused by SUSI, the first instalment of  €1,250 is payable immediately

Second Instalment of €1,250 is due by Friday the 31st of January 2014

First Year Undergraduates entitled to Free Fees, but ineligible for a Grant Student Contribution Fee & Capitation Fee 


€1,410* (50% Student Contribution & €160 Capitation)



This must be paid as part of the on-line Registration Process in September


 Friday the 31st of January 2014

First Year Undergrads with Previous Attendance Course Fee, Student Contribution & Capitation Fee

Please refer to the Repeat Fees Section of our website to calcualte your Fee


50% of total fee is due once the Registration Process is completed in September

Full balance is due by the 31st of January 2014*

First Year Repeat Students  50% of Total Repeat Fee*

Please refer to the Repeat Fees Section of our website to calculate the total Fee Payable


50% of the total repeat fee is due once the Registration Process is completed in September

Full balance of the repeat fee  is due by Friday the 31st of January 2014

On-Going Students not in receipt of a Grant Student Contribution Fee and Capitation Fee



September 2013

Friday the 31st of January 2014 

On-Going Students in receipt of a grant  Capitation Fee  €160** This must be paid as part of the on-line Registration Process in September & may not be paid in instalments
Postgraduate Students who have applied to SUSI  50% of Tuition Fees

Please refer to the Postgraduate Fees Schedule below for the appropriate fee

Postgraduate Fee Schedule 2013-2014 (110kB)

Postgraduate Students are advised to pay 50% of their total fees at Registration, while awaiting the outcome of their SUSI application. No ID card will be issued other-wise

If you are subsequently awarded an F4 rate by SUSI, this means that they will make a €2,000 Contribution towards you fees. 50% of your balance is then payable in oder to issue the ID card, if you have not already a made a payment, and the balance by Friday the 31st of January 2014

If you are awarded an F5 rate, this means that SUSI will cover your Tuition Fees to a maximum of €6,270. Students will be refunded where applicable, only when SUSI have paid UCC

If you Tuition Fee exceeds the limit payable by SUSI, the balance is payable in full by Friday the 31st of January 2014

Postgraduate Students who are not eligible for SUSI Funding  Course Fee

Please refer to the Postgraduate Fees Schedule below for the appropriate fee

Postgraduate Fee Schedule 2013-2014 (110kB)

 50% of the Fees are payable at Registration*

The full balance is due by Friday the 31st of January 2014

Postgraduate Students in receipt of Departmental Funding  Course Fee

 Students should ensure that they have forwarded their signed F1 funding form to the Fees office. This form is required on a yearly basis

F1 Postgraduate Support Fee Form 2013-2014 (45kB)


* If this is not possible, then a scheduled payment plan must be made, by contacting the Fees Office directly.

** Students will not be permitted to collect their grant cheques, without the capitation of €160 being paid in full.

How Do I make my payment?

Payments can be made on-line through the Student Portal: https://portal.ucc.ie/portal/page/portal/ucc/guest

If this option is not possible, then you may call to the Fees Office to request a bank giro form. Payment of fees can not be made in the Fees Office. The giro must be taken to a bank, and the fees paid using a cheque or cash. The giro receipt is your official proof of payment, for tax purposes, and if this is mislaid, then a fee of €25 is charged to re-issue the receipt.

Consequences of Non-Payment of Fees

In compliance with the University's Debtor Policy, if you have not made a payment by close of business on Friday the 22nd of November 2013, your access to Blackboard will be removed immediately. For students who continue to avoid payment, your student ID card will be disabled and students will be denied access to the library. Cards will be enabled and access to Blackboard will be restored only once the Fees Office have received payment or agreed a repayment plan with the students involved. Please note it may take up to 36 hours to restore access to Blackboard.

Students who are in genuine financial difficulty should contact the Fees Office immediately, to agree an alternative repayment schedule.


2013-2014 Fees for Postgraduate Students, Non-EU Students and EU Undergraduate Students, are available to view, below


Postgraduate Fee Schedule 2013-2014 (110kB)

Non-EU Fee Schedule 2013-2014 (37kB)

Undergraduate Fee Schedule 2013-2014 (56kB)


 ACADEMIC YEAR: 2013-2014


PLEASE NOTE: Third Instalments are available for the following local authorities:


  • Carlow County Council
  • Cavan County Council
  • Clare County Council
  • Donegal County Council
  • Kerry County Council
  • Kerry VEC
  • Kildare County Council
  • Kilkenny County Council
  • Kilkenny & Carlow ETB
  • Limerick County Council
  • Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim VEC (all one authority)
  • Meath County Council
  • North Tipperary County Council
  • Roscommon VEC
  • South Tipperary County Council
  • Waterford County Council
  • Westmeath County Council
  • Wicklow County Council


(Cheques may only be collected once the First Term has commenced)


 Please note that grants cheques will NOT be issued without: 

1. 2013/2014 student capitation fee payment of €160 in full AND

2. A valid Student ID Card.

3. Please note also: Information cannot be given out over the phone, in relation to individual grant cheques.

 All students need to call in person to the Fees Office to collect their cheques. Alternatively you can contact your own Local Authority

 to find out if your cheque has been issued.

4. Can Postgraduate Students on the Following Courses, who are in receipt of a Local Authority/SUSI Grant, please ensure that the shortfall between

their Tuition Fee and the limit that a Local Authority/SUSI will cover for Tuition Fees (€6,270 for 2013/2014), is paid immediately; LLM, LLB,

Masters in Social Work, MPLAN, DSocSc, MBA, Postgrad. Dip in Health Evaluation Economics, Postgrad. Dip. in Social Work Studies

5. Can students please contact their particular Local Authority to find out the expected date of arrival of their cheques, as the Fees Office does not get notified of this, by the Local Authorities

6. Grant Registration Forms will not be processed by the Fees Office, without the appropriate  capitation fee of €160 being paid in full.


  • Form for 2013/14– one form covering both Research & Postgraduate Support Scheme 



  • Please complete one form per student, per year.


 F1 Postgraduate Support Fee Form 2014-2015 (1,540kB)


  • If F1 form is not completed in full, it will be returned to the department.
  • Please ensure you include a department name and contact number, should there be any queries in relation to the form.
  • ****Please note that the student in receipt of Research Funding must now also sign the F1 form.  The F1 form will be returned to the department if the student’s signature is not on the form.****



  • Please return completed form to Deirdre Daly, Fees Office, UCC (4902954)

Please find all information relating to the Postgraduate Bursary Scheme for Taught Programmes, in the two documents below:


FAQs for Postgraduate Taught Bursary 2014-2015 (90kB)


Postgraduate Bursaries for Taught Programmes 2014-2015 (69kB)

The University accepts no obligation to refund any fee or part of any fee paid in respect of any course or service provided by the University. The University is authorised, however, to issue partial refunds to all students who withdraw in the current academicyear, as stated below.

Rules for Refunds of the Student Contribution and Capitation Fees – First Years only.

A student who completes Registration, Part 1 and doesn’t attend Registration Part 2 will get the amount paid towards the Student Contribution and the Capitation fees refunded.

A student who completes Registration, Part 1 and 2 will be refunded the amount paid if they get a Higher offer in another 3rd level institution.

If a student registers in full (Registration Part 1 and Part 2) and withdraws any time between the completion of registration and the 31st October they will get the Student Contribution amount that has been paid, refunded. The Capitation fee will not be refunded.

Withdrawal between 31st October 2013 and 31st January 2014:

Students who withdraw between the above dates are liable to pay half Tuition fees plus Student Contribution Charge/Capitation fees if you decide to return to 3rd level education anytime during the following 5 years. The Capitation fee of €160 and €1,250 of the Student Contribution Charge is non refundable.

Withdrawal after 31st January 2014:

You will be liable for Tuition fees plus Student Contribution Charge/Capitation fees if you decide to return to 3rd level education anytime during the following 5 years. The Student Contribution charge/Capitation fee will not be refunded to students who withdraw during this period.

Ongoing Student Registration

Ongoing students should pay their student contribution and capitation fee at registration. Students who are experiencing difficult financial circumstances will be permitted to pay in two instalments: - the first instalment is €1,410 and the 2nd instalment is €1,250.

For details of the Fee Refund Policy, in full please refer to the document below

Fee Refund Policy 2013-2014 (84kB)

University College Cork has introduced a Student Debtor Policy. Students must pay their fees by the notified dates. A late fee penalty applies in all cases where fees payable by the student are paid after the notified payment date. It is the responsibility of students to familiarise themselves with the the University's regulations, which cover student fees, payment dates and registration procedures. Liability for fees rests with the student for the duration of their course. Students with out-standing fees will not receive details of examinations or examination results, and will not be permitted to progress to the next year of their studies.

To view the policy in full please click here

Student Debtor Policy 2013-2014 (59kB)

The University provides a Fee Concession Scheme for staff, the amount of which will vary depending on the full-time or part-time nature of the staff contract. The Scheme is limited to the fees payable in respect of two programmes of study, one at undergraduate & one at postgraduate level. 

For the list of appropriate forms, and FAQs please click on the following link, which will direct you to the HR website.



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