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We lead national research to better understand pregnancy loss experiences and impacts, and the development of resources and evidence-based advice and interventions, to improve health care (quality) and health and social outcomes for women, babies and their families.

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PLACES | Pregnancy Loss in Workplaces

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth commissioned this project to establish whether policy interventions are required in the workplace to better support people following pregnancy loss under 24 weeks’ gestation.

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss whilst in paid employment, in the last five years, please consider taking part in our survey:

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Behaviours and actions of healthcare workers can leave a memorable effect on parents. TEARDROP has the potential to impact on the quality of bereavement care provided across the country.

Professor Keelin O'Donoghue

National Implementation Lead-National Standards for Bereavement Care following Pregnancy Loss and Perinatal Death, NWIHP, and Lead, Pregnancy Loss Research Group

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Through our website, we aim to share pregnancy loss research with a wide range of people, including researchers, health and social care professionals, people who have experienced pregnancy loss, policy-makers and many more. There are organisations and initiatives across Ireland, and beyond, which provide support services around different aspects and types of pregnancy loss. We include details of these on this website for your information.

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This website was developed through the support of an Irish Research Council New Foundations Award, with the Irish Hospice Foundation as civic society partner.

Pregnancy Loss Research Group

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