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Research conduct

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Research conduct

Our research in this area

  • Enhancing ethics in pregnancy loss research
  • Pregnancy research studies: Increasing conduct and participation
  • The conduct of patient and public involvement activities

Key publications

Category Category Keywords Year Title Abstract Actions

Journal Article

Journal Article Ethics, First-trimester miscarriage, Recurrent miscarriage 2022

Outsourcing transcription: Extending ethical considerations in qualitative research

Researchers and ethics committees should consider ethical responsibilities to ‘do no harm’ when it comes to transcriptionist wellbeing. Actions we can take as part of a research team approach include having: initial briefing, distress protocol, ongoing de-briefing. More details Read publication

Journal Article

Journal Article Clinical guideline(s), PPI, Recurrent miscarriage 2022

Developing guideline-based key performance indicators for recurrent miscarriage care: lessons from a multi-stage consensus process with a diverse stakeholder group

It is important and feasible to develop guideline-based care key performance indicators (KPIs) with a diverse stakeholder group. We developed 110 KPIs for recurrent miscarriage care using a consensus process. Our experiences may help others undertaking similar projects. More details Read publication

Journal Article

Journal Article 2020

Maternity care providers’ involvement in research

Half of maternity care providers in our study reported never conducting research. Participants agreed that research is important to maintain care quality. Medical staff were more likely to report feeling competent to undertake research compared to midwives. More details Read publication

Journal Article

Journal Article Experience 2020

An exploration of women's experience of taking part in a randomized controlled trial of a diagnostic test during pregnancy: A qualitative study

Women are generally interested and positively inclined to participate in research during pregnancy. The potential of risk is an important consideration. Information and support by both researchers and clinicians are paramount in aiding women's understanding of a research trial. More details Read publication

Journal Article

Journal Article PPI, Pregnancy loss, Stillbirth 2019

Parents and clinicians: partners in perinatal bereavement research – experiences from the International Stillbirth Alliance Conference 2017

In this commentary, we highlight the value of: partnership between bereaved patients and clinicians, creativity as a unifying expression of grief and to facilitate learning, collaboration with global stakeholders, and meaningful patient/public engagement in research. More details Read publication

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Pregnancy Loss Research Group

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