Staff Publications

2016 Publications

Etienne, Anne, '“Visions don’t work”? The role of Wesker’s theatre and Centre 42 in 1960s’ British culture’. Studies in Theatre and Performance, March 2016, Routledge.

King, Andrew, Medieval into Renaissance: Essays for Helen Cooper, ed. Andrew King and Matthew Woodcock. D. S. Brewer: Cambridge, 2016. ISBN 978 1 84384 432 7

Pilz, Anna and Whitney Standlee (eds), Irish Women's Writing, 1878-1922: Advancing the Cause of Liberty (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016)

Pilz, Anna, ‘“A bad master”: Religion, Jacobitism, and the Politics of Representation in Lady Gregory’s The White Cockade, in Anna Pilz and Whitney Standlee (eds), Irish Women’s Writing, 1878-1922: Advancing the Cause of Liberty (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016), pp. 137-55. 8,000 words

Pilz, Anna and Whitney Standlee, ‘Introduction’, in Anna Pilz and Whitney Standlee (eds), Irish Women’s Writing, 1878-1922: Advancing the Cause of Liberty (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016), pp. 1-16. 6,000 words

2015 Publications

Birkett, Tom, 'Unlocking Runes? Reading Anglo-Saxon Runic Abbreviations in Their Immediate Literary Context', 
'Unlocking Runes? Reading Anglo-Saxon Runic Abbreviations in Their Immediate Literary Context'. Futhark: International Journal of Runic Studies, 5 (2015):91-114.

Etienne, Anne, ‘Reforming Theatre Censorship: the Lord Chamberlain Caught Between the Repressive and the Libertarian Camps’, in British Crusades for Moral Reform and their Ambivalent Politics. Revue Française de Civilisation Britannique, Volume 19/3 (2015): 75-93.

O'Connell, MaryByron and John Murray: A Poet and his Publisher (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2015)

O'Connor, Maureen, ‘“The most haunting bird”: Unbeing and Illegibility in Contemporary Irish Women’s Writing’. Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 44.7 (September 2015): 940-55.

Semple, Edel, 'Playing the whore: performing and contextualising prostitution in The Three Ladies of London.' online at Performance as Research: The Three Ladies of London in Context. (2015) URL:

Pilz, Anna, ‘Lady Gregory’s The Gaol Gate, Terence MacSwiney, and the Abbey Theatre’, Irish Studies Review, vol. 23, no. 3 (2015), pp. 277-91. 8,700 words

Pilz, Anna and Andrew Tierney, ‘Trees, Big House Culture, and the Irish Literary Revival’, New Hibernia Review, vol. 19, no. 2 (2015), pp. 65-82. 8,600 words


2014 Publications

Birkett, Thomas, 'Chapter 17: Old Norse', in  A Companion to J. R. R. Tolkien (Blackwell Companions to Literature and Culture), ed. by Stuart Lee (Oxford: Wiley/Blackwell, 2014)

Birkett, Tom, 'Runes and Revelatio: Cynewulf’s Signatures Reconsidered'. Review Of English Studies 65/272 (2014): 771-789

Birkett, Tom and Christina Lee (eds), The Vikings in Munster (Languages, Myths and Finds - Volume 3) (Nottingham: University of Nottingham / Mitel Publishing, 2014).

Connolly, Claire, ‘A Bookish History of Irish Romanticism’, in Porscha Fermanis and John O’Regan (eds.), Rethinking British and Irish Historiography (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014).

Etienne, Anne and Agathe Torti (eds), Autour de Shylock: Variations Contemporaines. Spec. issue of Coup de théâtre (2014)

Erienne, Anne, ‘Naked Censorship: Stripping the Censors’ Discourse’. LISA e-journal XI/3 (2013). 

Gibbs, Alan, Contemporary American Trauma Narratives (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014)

Jenkins, Lee M. The American Lawrence (Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida, 2014)

O'Connor, Maureen, ‘Myth and Metonymy in Irish Women’s Writing: A Consideration of Mary O’Malley’, in Irish Women’s Writing. Ed. Bertrand Cardin and Sylvie Mikowski. Caen: Presses Universitaires de Caen. 2014.237-53.

Semple, Edel, 'Edward Webbe’s The rare and most wonderfull things which Edw. Webbe an Englishman borne, hath seene and passed in his troublesome travailes (London, 1590).' online at Reading     East: Irish Sources and Resources (2014) URL:

Walshe, Eibhear, The Diary of Mary Travers (Dublin: Somerville Press, 2014)

2013 Publications

Davis, Alex  '"Quadrupedante, etcetera:" Allusion, Lyricism, and Imperium in Thomas MacGreevy’s "Crón Tráth na nDéithe,"', in The Life and Work of Thomas MacGreevy: A Critical Reappraisal (London: Continuum, 2013).

Jenkins, Lee, 'Water Songs: "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" and Jamaican Poetry', in Caribbean-Irish Connections ed. by Alison Donnell and Evelyn O’Callaghan (Cave Hill, Barbados: University of the West Indies Press, 2013).

Jenkins, Lee M., 'Studies in Classic American Literature and American Studies', D.H. Lawrence Review 37.2 (2013), 44-59.

Laird, Heather, ‘Decentring the Irish Land War: Women, Politics and the Private Sphere’ in Land Questions in Modern Ireland ed. by Fergus Campbell and Tony Varley (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013).

Murphy, Orla, 'Creating Open Knowledge Networks: Innovating Early Career Researchers', in Revaluing the Humanities (Dublin: RIA, 2013).

O'Connor, Maureen,  ‘Animals and the Irish Mouth in Edna O’Brien’s Fiction’, Journal of Ecocriticism—Special Issue: Irish  Ecocriticism 5.2 (September 2013).

O'Connor, Maureen,  ‘Fearful Symmetry: An Emigrant’s Return to Celtic-Tiger Ireland’, in Extended Family: Essays on Irish America ed. by James Silas Rogers (Chester Springs, PA: Dufours Editions, 2013), pp. 237-48.

O'Connor, Maureen, ‘Vegetable Love: The Syncretic Nation in the Writings of Margaret Cousins and Eva Gore-Booth’. Journal of Irish Studies (IASIL Japan) XXVIII (2013): 18-33.

 O'Connor, Maureen, ‘“Dear Dirty Dublin”: Historical and Cultural Contexts for James Joyce’s Fiction’, in Critical Insights: James Joyce. Ed. Al Wachtel. Pasadena, CA: EBSCO/Salem Press, 2013. 21-41.

 O'Connor, Maureen, ‘“Mrkgnao!”: Signifying Animals in the Fiction of James Joyce’, in Critical Insights: James Joyce. Ed. Al Wachtel. Pasadena, CA: EBSCO/Salem Press, 2013. 101-19.

 Ó Gallchoir, Clíona, 'Gender, Modernity and Nation in Joseph O'Connor's Star of the Sea', Irish University Review, 43 (1), 344-362.

Semple, Edel, and Rory Loughnane, eds., Staged Transgression in Shakespeare's England (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2013)

Semple, Edel, 'Rethinking Transgression with Shakespeare's Bawds', in Staged Transgression in Shakespeare's England (Palgrave Shakespeare Studies) ed. by Rory Loughnane and Edel Semple (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2013).

Walshe, Eibhear, A Different Story: The Writings of Colm Tóibín (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2013).

2012 Publications

Birkett, Thomas, ‘Correcting Bede's Corrector? A Runic Note in the Margins of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge MS 41.’ Notes & Queries 59:4 (2012), 465-470.

Connolly, Claire,  A Cultural History of the Irish Novel, 1790-1829 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012)

Connolly, Claire, 'The National Tale', in The Oxford History of the Irish Book, Volume IV: The Irish Book in English, 1800-1890, ed. by James H. Murphy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012)

Etienne, Anne, 'Pond Life and Angels: Enda Walsh's Adaptations to Cork', in Drama Reinvented: Theatre Adaptations in Ireland, 1970-2007, ed. by (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2012), pp. 255-267.

Mark Faulkner, '"Like a Virgin:" the reheading of St Edmund and monastic reform in late-tenth-century England', in Heads Will Roll: decapitation in the medieval and early modern imagination (Leiden: Brill, 2012)

Laird, Heather, Daniel Corkery's Cultural Criticism: Selected Writings (Cork:Cork University Press, 2012)

2011 Publications

Allen, Graham,  Intertextuality, 2nd ed. (London and New York: Routledge, 2011).

Allen, Graham, 'The Gift and the Return: Deconstructing Mary Shelley's Lodore' Derrida Today  4 (2011), 44-58.

Davis, Alex, 'Hughes and His Critics,' in The Cambridge Companion to Ted Hughes ed. by Terry Gifford (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011).

Davis, Alex, ''And this is Kedging in Time: Post/Modernism and the Genre of Elegy', in The Salt Companion to John Matthias, ed. by Joe Francis Doerr (Cambridge: Salt, 2011).

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Griffin, Carrie, Graham Allen and Mary O'Connell, eds., Readings on Audience and Textual Materiality (London: Pickering and Chatto, 2011)

Jenkins, Lee M., 'Interculturalism', in The Cambridge Companion to British and Irish Women's Poetry, ed. by Jane Dowson (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Murphy, Orla, 'Intermediality: Experiencing the Virtual Text', in Griffin et al, eds., Readings on Audience and Textual Materiality (London: Pickering and Chatto, 2011).

O'Connor, Maureen, ‘The Smithy of Stephen Dedalus’ Soul: Contexts for Joyce’s Novel’, in Critical Insights: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Ed. Al Wachtel. Pasadena, CA: EBSCO/Salem Press, 2011. 50-65.

Rooney, Kenneth, Mortality and Imagination: the Life of the Dead in Medieval English Literature (Turnhout: Brepols, 2011).

Walshe, Eibhear, Oscar's Shadow: Wilde, Homosexuality and Modern Ireland (Cork: Cork University Press, 2011).

Walshe, Eibhear, ed., Elizabeth Bowen's Selected Irish Writings (Cork: Cork University Press, 2011).

2010 Publications

Davis, Alex, 'Learning to be Brutal: Synge, Decadence, and the Modern Movement', The New Hibernia Review 14 (2010), 33-51.

Gibbs, Alan, '"Listen to him, Mr. Take-Charge:" Gender Politics and Morality in Carl Hiaasen's Crime Novels', in Writing America into the Twenty-First Century, ed. by E. Boyle and A. Evans (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010).

O'Connor, Maureen, The Female and the Species: The Animal in Irish Women's Writing (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010).

O'Connor, Maureen, ed., Back to the Future of Irish Studies: Festschrift for Tadhg Foley (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010).

O'Connor, Maureen, ‘The Mythopoeic Landscape in Edna O’Brien’s Ireland’, in A Blackwell Companion to Irish Literature. Ed. Julia M. Wright. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010. 209-23.

O'Connor, Maureen,  ‘“I’m meat for no butcher!”: The Female and the Species in Irish Women’s Writing’, in Irish Women Writers. New Critical Perspectives. Ed.Elke D’hoker, Raphaël Ingelbien, and

O'Connor, Maureen, Hedwig Schall.Oxford: Peter Lang, 2010. 133-49.

O'Connor, Maureen, ‘“Becoming-Animal” in the Novels of Edna O’Brien’, in ‘Out of the Earth’: Ecocritical Readings of Irish Texts. Ed. Christine Cusick. Cork: Cork University Press, 2010. 205-43.

2009 Publications

Jenkins, Lee M.,  'Green and Black and Cork', in The Black and Green Atlantic, ed. by David Lloyd, and Peter O'Neill (London: Macmillan2009)

Laird, Heather, 'The Placing and Politics of Elizabeth Bowen in Contemporary Irish Literary and Cultural Criticism', in Irish Writers in their Time: Elizabeth Bowen, ed. by Eibhear Walshe (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2009)

Monahan, Barry,  Ireland's Theatre on Film: Style, Stars and the National Stage on Screen (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2009)

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Walshe, Eibhear, ed., Elizabeth Bowen: Visions and Revisions (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2009)

Walshe, Eibhear, Cissie's Abattoir (Cork: Collins Press, 2009)

Young, Gwenda, '1925: Movies and a Year of Change', in  American Cinema of the 1920s: Themes and Variations (Screen Decades), ed. by Lucy Fischer (New Jersey: Rutgers, 2009).

Young, Gwenda, 'Funny Girls: Early American Screen Comediennes and Ethnicity', in Screening Irish America, ed. by Ruth Barton (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2009).

2008 Publications

Allen, Graham, Mary Shelley (Palgrave, 2008).

Connolly, Claire, 'Ugly Criticism: Edmund Burke and Irish Literature',  Field Day Review 4 (2008), 236-257.

Coughlan, Patricia, and Tina O'Toole, eds.  Irish Literature: Feminist Perspectives (Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2008)

Etienne, Anne, ‘England’s trouble is Ireland’s opportunity: les représentations de Blanco Posnet à l’Abbey Theatre’, Etudes Irlandaises 33/1 (2008): 83-98.

Gibbs, Alan, Henry Roth's Semi-Autobiographical Tetralogy Mercy of a Rude Stream (1994-1998): The Second Career of an American Novelist (Edwin Mellen Press, 2008).

Ó Gallchoir, Clíona, 'Foreign Tyrants and Domestic Tyrants: the Public, the Private, and Eighteenth-Century Irish Women's Writing', in Irish Literature: Feminist Perspectives, ed. by Patricia Coughlan and Tina O'Toole (Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2008)

Walshe, Eibhear, 'A Different story to Tell', in  Facing the Other: Interdisciplinary Studies on Race, Gender and Social Justice in Ireland, ed. by Borbala Farago and Moynagh Sullivan (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008).

2007 Publications

Allen, Graham, and Roy Sellars, eds., Figures of Bloom: A Salt Companion to Harold Bloom (Cambridge: Salt Publications, 2007).

Lee M. Jenkins and Alex Davis, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Modernist Poetry (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007).

Allen, Graham, 'Godwin, Fénelon and the Disappearing Teacher', in History of European Ideas, 33 (2007), 9-24.

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Coughlan, Patricia, 'The whole strange growth: Heaney, Orpheus and the Women', Irish Review Special Issue on "Feminism in Ireland", May 2007.

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Etienne, Anne, and David Thomas and David Carlton, eds., Theatre Censorship: From Walpole to Wilson (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007).

Etienne, Anne, 'Censure Politique ou politique de censure? Les cas de Geneva de Bernard Shaw et de Follow my Leader de Terrence Rattigan en 1938', Revue d'Historire du Theatre (4) 2007, 337-58.

Jenkins, Lee, M., 'Tradition and the Individual Talent of David Dabydeen', in No land, No Mother, ed. by Kampta Karran and Lynne Macedo (Leeds: Peepal Tree Press, 2007).

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Murphy, Orla, 'Virtual Archive of Inscribed Stones', in  Visual Literacy in the University, ed. by Jim Elkins (Unknown: Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2007).


2006 Publications

Coughlan, Patricia, 'Killing the Bats: Edna O' Brien, Abjection and the Problem of Agency', in Edna O' Brien: A Re-Appraisal, ed. by K. Laing, S. Mooney and M. O' Connor (Dublin: Carysfort Press, 2006).

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Walshe, Eibhear, and Gwenda Young, eds., Molly Keane: Essays in Contemporary Criticism (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2006).

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