What is DH?

The term "digital humanities" refers to the application of computer and media technologies to research and practice in the arts and humanities. Students and scholars working in this domain typically have an interest in how digital technologies can be applied in the exploration and betterment of culture and society.
Digital humanities is a nexus of fields within which scholars use computing technologies to investigate the kinds of questions that are traditional to the humanities, or ... ask traditional kinds of humanities-oriented questions about computing technologies.
— Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Our graduates, developed in a student-led learning environment, are developed to be researchers and critical thinkers with expertise in computing as well as the arts and humanities. They are coders and developers as well as excellent writers, communicators, and critical thinkers.

Prospective students and researchers looking for a broader range of definitions might enjoy Jason Heppler's "What is Digital Humanities?" website: https://whatisdigitalhumanities.com/

The Department of Digital Humanities (UCCDH) is part of the School of English & Digital Humanities (SoEDH) at University College Cork.

Formalised in 2019, it emerged after several years of development by faculty in English and History. It is now comprised of staff and researchers with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines across the arts and humanities, while maintaining strong partnerships with colleagues from Computer Science.

The Digital Humanities office is located in the O'Rahilly Building, Room 2.22.

Digital Humanities

Daonnachtaí Digiteacha

Room 2.22, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Ireland