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Research Clusters

The Department of Geography at UCC aims to create pure and applied research of international quality, which impacts on public issues and ongoing debates within and beyond the discipline. The Department is committed to being research led in its many different activities, particularly in terms of bringing research directly into our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes. 

In line with the research strategies at UCC, the research conducted in the Department is truly interdisciplinary and focused on 21 st century issues.  Research is broadly concerned with the environment, migration, climate change, economy, food and cultural identity, particularly how these complex issues shape natural habitats, regional development, the landscape experience, rural change and urban growth.

The Department enjoys a strong reputation for academic research, illustrated by its successful participation in many national and European funded research projects, and an excellent record of publication by academic staff.  

The Earth and Ocean Lab

The Earth and Ocean Lab is a research group based in the Department of Geography and Environmental Research Institute, UCC.  To find out more about us please click HERE.

Coloured resized  Remote Sensing image of Kerry  Evolving Landscape‌‌
 Social and Spatial Justice  Geoinformatics Evolving Landscape


Department of Geography


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