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Current Postgraduate Students

Please find below a list of our current Postgraduate Geography students  and the working titles of their papers. 

Name Programme Working Titles  
Boolukos, Corie  PhD High resolution CWC reef scale 3D habitat mapping - insights on spatial and temporal variability.  
Brennan, Cara MSc An Enhanced Angular Range Analysis (eARA) workflow with backscatter and magnetometry for wider industrial impact and uptake of INFOMAR data.  
Chalencon, Emma  PhD Cork coastline vulnerability assessment from remotely sensed and field data.   
Conroy, Olive PhD Migrant social fields in Cork - A cross community study of the Polish community.  
Huffe, Talia PhD Land use and sustainability - exploring the potential of alternative proteins.   
Le Duey, Lou-Anne      
Lewando, Robin MPhil  Long-term environment and climate change in West Cork – insights from the fossil record.   
Loriga, Irene MSc The development and impact of VR fieldtrips on Geoscience Curricula.  
Moloney, Daniel PhD A study investigating the conservation strategies deployed in both captive and wild settings with particular focus on behaviour and movement of animals.  
Nowbakht, Parvaneh PhD

Agri-Environmental Big Data analytics via WebGIS: Geospatial data obfuscation and modelling of crop growth and productivity (funded by Teagasc).

O'Connor, Bríd PhD The status of sensitive fish species within Irish waters and their vulnerability in relation to fishing and discarding practices.  
O'Donoghue, Leanne PhD Honing our Understanding of MIcrobial Diversity in tropical peatlands (HUMID).  
O'Reilly, Eoghan   Farm scale biodiversity scoring with Earth Observation and terrestrial imagery.   
Ren, Zhongda PhD Automatic detection of subaqueous disaster geomorphology based on acoustic multibeam data  
Sampaio de Lima, Raul   Spatial and temporal trends of wildfires in Ireland over the last 30 years from satellite imagery.   
Walsh, Kevin MRes Submarine Cables Routes from Offshore Windfarms - Seabed Classification Mapping.  
Da Silva Damasceno Pereira, Rafael PhD Assessing climate risk in informal settlements and empowering women as decision-makers.  

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