Current Students

Current Students

Current Geography students may find the pages below useful. Please click on the links for downloadable documents or to be redirected to relevant information.

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1st Year

1st year Arts- BA Handbook

1st year CK107 Geographical and Archaeological Sciences


2nd Year

2nd year Arts- BA Handbook

2nd Year Earth Science 2017-2018

2nd Year Geography 2017-2018 (BSc)

2nd Year CK107 Geographical and Archaeological Sciences


3rd Year

3rd Year Arts- BA Handbook

3rd Year Earth Science 2017-2018

3rd Year Geography 2017-2018 (BSc)

3rd year CK107 BA Geography and Archaeology

4th Year

4th Year Earth Science 2017-2018

4th Year Geography 2017-2018 (BSc)


HDip Geography

HDip Booklet 2017-2018


Information Sessions for Science Students 2017-2018

Undergraduate Timetables 2017/2018


1st Arts Timetable

2nd Arts Timetable

3rd Arts Timetable


Science Timetable 1st year GG1010/ ER1006



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Current Postgraduate Students

Please find below a list of our current Postgraduate Geography students  and the working titles of their papers.



NameProgrammeWorking Titles
 Balaji, Preethi PhD Characterisation and monitoring of forest disturbance in Ireland from Active Radar Platforms
 Conroy, Olive PhD Migrant social fields in Cork - A cross community study of the Polish community.
 Dennehy, Jane PhD Maritime industry in the context of its resource capabilities, adaptive capacity to climate change.
 Fitzpatrick,  Margaret  PhD The Disappearance of Landlordism and the Estate System in Ireland:  A Case 
 Green, Stuart PhD Investigating the bio-physical constraints on farmer herd turnout date decisions with satellite image technology and local meteorological data.
Howlett Southgate, Rosie PhD Political GeographyImmigration
 Kandrot, Sarah  PhD Quantifying Post-Storm Dune Recovery using Ground-Based LiDAR in Dingle Bay, Co. Kerry
 Kenny, Tara PhD Building a knowledge-based spatial infrastructure for food policy: Cork city region
 Lange, Marcus PhD Developing a conceptual model towards innovative solutions for Marine Renewable Energy decision-making in Ireland.
 McCarthy, Gearóid  PhD Negotiated Transnationality: An in-depth exploration of the lived experiences of Filipino labour migrants in Cork
 Murphy, Donal  PhD A Historical Geography of the Land War in Mid-Cork 
 O'Driscoll Adam, Elaine  PhD Maritime Traditions and Cultures: A Cultural Geography of fishing communities in South-west Ireland and north-west France
O'Reilly, Anthony PhD Assembling The (New) Urban Conditionality in ‘The City After Terrorism’: Security, Fear, Social Encounter and ICTs on the London Public Transport System
Scarrott, Rory PhD Exploring the Irish Ocean Biology impacts of spatio temporal variations in ocean water masses determined by Earth Observation techniques
 Twomey, Sarah PhD Transcending culture and context in international waters
 Van Lanen, Sander PhD Young and insecure: Lifeworld of young urban adults in Ireland.
 Whelan, Gillian  PhD Cloud cover and radiation balance changes over Ireland due to

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