About the Department

About The Department

Welcome to the Department of Geography at U.C.C. where nearly a thousand students are registered in our various programmes. Our central concern is to create, preserve, communicate and interrogate a wide range of geographical knowledge.

Through teaching and research we aim to challenge both ourselves and our diverse student body to create better ways of analysing, understanding and representing the closely interconnected geographies of environment, socio-economic and cultural and political transformations across the earth.

Geography is a discipline with deep roots in the humanities, the social sciences and the physical-biological sciences and therefore sits comfortably in both the Faculties of Arts and Science. The Department is involved in three major undergraduate streams in the university:

Geography is one of the most popular subjects in the Faculty of Arts where students can take Geography as a single honours subject or in combination with one of the many other Arts Faculty subjects for a B.A.

It is an anchor humanities/social science subject in the European Studies degree in cooperation with History and the four continental language departments (French, German, Italian and Hispanic Studies). Geography also plays an important role in the Language and Cultural Studies BA Degree Programme.

The department is also a core department with Geology for the Earth Science programme and can also be studied as a single subject for B.Sc. The Department also forms a part of the wider Environmental Sciences degree, which also includes Chemistry Maths, Physics, Zoology, Archaeology and Plant Science.

The Department has a vibrant postgraduate programme led by lecturers actively researching in a large range of geographical areas. Students can undertake research M.Phil, Ph.D. degrees in these areas. The Department also offers taught M.A. programmes and a Diploma in Geographical Information Systems.

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Email:         geography@ucc.ie



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