Student Placement Information

Student Placement Information

Use the menu below to access your placement details, rosters and area information. You must check your placement details regularly for updates or changes.  Remember you will need your individual passwords to access each system. If you are having password difficulties contact the Allocations Office.

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Note that not all placement areas provide a written roster (e.g. psychiatric nursing areas), please refer to the ARC web site to see details of how to obtain rosters for these areas.

If you have any difficulties locating your roster contact the Allocations Office


Placement Area Information

To obtain notices and placement area information select your parent site or allocated placement site from the menu (below).  Please note some placement areas do not have information on this section of the web, see ARC for your placement details and how to contact your placement area.


Provisional Placement Plans for the Academic Year

‌‌To view the category of placement you will be allocated to for the academic year 2014 -2015, select your intake (below in Course Structures) and open the document.  Go to your Health Service Provider, find your name then scroll across the page.  You will find the colour keys for each category below each branch/discipline. 

You will need Microsoft excel to open these documents.


 Provisional Planner 2019-2020 2017 Intake 3rd year


Provisional Planner 2019-2020 2018 Intake 2nd year

Bank Holiday Entitlements

Supernumerary students

If a bank holiday falls during your practice placement you are entitled to the bank holiday off*.  Please record the bank holiday on your timesheet as 6 hours.

For the remainder of the bank holiday week you are only required to attend 24 hours of practice placement i.e. 2 x 12hr or 3 x 8 hrs.

Some practice placement areas that are not utilized on a regular basis may not be familiar with your bank holiday entitlements.  Therefore you may need to indicate your bank holiday entitlements in advance when you discuss your roster.

* You can request to work the bank holiday if you prefer, however you are still only required to attend 24 hours of practice placement in the bank holiday week.   

Internship students

Your entitlement to bank holidays is determined by the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act (1997) and the arrangements which already apply to Nurses and Midwives working in your health service provider.

Preferred Placements

Regardless of which health service provider (the hospital/health service you have been assigned to) or where you live, you will be required on occasion to travel to placements.  Every attempt is made to place you close to or within easy traveling distance from your term time or home address but due to the number/geographical spread of placement areas, number of students and NMBI (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) requirements, this is not always possible to achieve.

Therefore the Allocations Office instigated a further strategy to afford students an opportunity to have a placement in a geographical area that is more suitable for them.  The 'Preferred Placement' option offers students this option. 

By naming other locations within Cork County that would be possible for you to spend a period of time in during a placement period you increase your chances of being placed in a suitable area.  Perhaps you have a relative or friend that you could stay with, or maybe its the next village or town to where you live.

When planning your placement the Allocations Officer can use your preferred placement area/s choices as an otherwise unknown alternative thus reducing dissatifaction with your placement plan. You will be asked to fill in a preferred placement form when you commence the course but if your circumstances change you must inform the Allocations Office immediately.

NB. Please note this is not a guarantee that you will be placed where you have requested.

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Clinical Assessment Process

An explanation of the Steinaker and Bell taxonomy

Assessment of clinical competence is an essential component of any health related professional program. Clinical assessment in our school currently comprises of:

  1. Each student being assigned a registered nurse/midwife clinical preceptor

  2. Preceptor and student working together in clinical practice

  3. Student and preceptor agreeing the number of competencies and level of attainment for each placement

  4. Steinaker and Bell's (1979) experiential taxonomy (exposure, participation, identification and internalization) being used to assist in identifying the level of competency and skill attainment appropriate for each year of their program.

An On-Line Support Package for trained Preceptors (Registered Nurse/Midwife), Student Nurses and Student Midwives which Provides an Over-view of the Clinical Assessment Process supported by funding from NAIRTL.

On the 9th January 2012 the School hosted a seminar titled:

“Assessment of learning in the clinical practice environment”.

Presentations were as follows:

Assessment of learning in the clinical practice environment
Dr Pam Parker - City University London (Author of text titled: Supporting Learning in Nursing Practice Palgrave press)

Preceptors' experiences of clinically educating and assessing undergraduate nursing students: an Irish context
Ms. Bridie McCarthy

Assessment of learning in the clinical practice environment: using an online tool to help students understand the abstract nature of Steinaker and Bell's (1979) experiential taxonomy

Professor Josephine Hegarty and Ms. Carol Condon

Formal launch of an On-Line Support Package for trained Preceptors: (Registered Nurse/Midwife), Student Nurses and Student Midwives which provides an over-view of the clinical assessment process

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