Preceptor Information

Preceptor Information

In this section of the School of Nursing and Midwifery website, preceptors can access a wide variety of information relating to the role of preceptor to student nurses while on clinical placement. If you have any further questions in relation to preceptorship, please contact the CPC or the Link Lecturer in your ward/unit /area.

UCC Preceptorship Coordinator is Caroline O'Connor (email:


The programme:

Introduction to online programme

Unit 1: The National Competence Document

Unit 2: Roles and Responsibilities of the assessment team

Unit 3: CAD explained page by page

Unit 4: Assessment and Feedback

Unit 5: Reflection and Reflective Practice

On completion of each unit there is a very short evaluation form to complete, on completion of all 6 units a certificate of completion will be sent to the preceptor, their manager and the CNE for their records.

Link to Online Programme


A certificate of completion will only be issued on completion and evaluation of all 6 Units 

 The following is advice on completing of the programme of all 6 units

  1. Take the programme on a desktop or a laptop using google chrome browser 
  2. Successful completion of the programme is dependent on the person completing the unit and in particular completing the evaluation form.  
  3. The service is a manual process, not automatic, acknowledgement of completion is done by issuing the certificate (usually early every morning).
  4. If the evaluation forms at the end of each unit are not completed then I have no record of anyone completing the programme. 
  5. If people have not received a certificate of completion it is possibly,  they have not completed the evaluation form for each unit. 
  6. Please check your junk/spam box for their certificate 
  7. Or it may not have passed the HSE firewall. 
  8. Please use an email address that you regularly check 

Disability Support Services UCC - information

The following presentation outlies the Disability Support Services that students can avail of in college and on clinical placements.  It is centered on the principle of reasonable accommodations that can be put in place.  

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