Preceptor Information

Preceptor Information

In this section of the School of Nursing and Midwifery website, preceptors can access a wide variety of information relating to the role of preceptor to student nurses while on clinical placement. If you have any further questions in relation to perceptorship please contact the CPC or the Link Lecturer in your ward/unit /area.

Clinical Assessment Process (the Steinaker and Bell taxonomy)


Assessment of clinical competence is an essential component of any health related professional program. Clinical assessment in our school currently comprises of:

  1. Each student being assigned a registered nurse/midwife clinical preceptor

  2. Preceptor and student working together in clinical practice

  3. Student and preceptor agreeing the number of competencies and level of attainment for each placement

  4. Steinaker and Bell's (1979) experiential taxonomy (exposure, participation, identification and internalization) being used to assist in identifying the level of competency and skill attainment appropriate for each year of their program.

On-Line Support

An On-Line Support Package for trained Preceptors (Registered Nurse/Midwife), Student Nurses and Student Midwives which Provides an Over-view of the Clinical Assessment Process supported by funding from NAIRTL


Preceptor Documents & Links

Newsletter and Course Dates

Newsletter and Course Dates

Preceptor Newsetter Sept 2018

Clinical Booklets (CLO and Competency)

CLO and Competency Booklets

CLO Booklet General 2017

CLO Booklet Intellectual Disability 2017

CLO Booklet Integrated 2017

CLO Booklet Mental Health 2017

CLO Booklet Midwifery 2017

Competency Booklet General 2017

Competency Booklet Intellectual Disability 2017

Competency Booklet Integrated 2017

Comptency Booklet Mental Health 2017

Competency Booklet Midwifery 2017


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