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Meet our Early Career Researchers

Ms. Caroline Egan, PhD Student

Student Name: Caroline Egan

PhD Title: Shared decision-making during transitions to long-term care among older adults with intellectual disabilities and their family caregivers.

Supervisors:  Dr. Helen Mulcahy; Dr. Geri McLoughlin; Prof. Ruth Northway; Prof. Corina Naughton.

Study aim: This study aims to make sense and provide insights into the relational and shared experience of planning for a transition and decision-making among people with intellectual disabilities and their family caregivers who are considering a permanent relocation to long-term care.

Year of Study and Programme: PhD SoNM Year 4

Scholarship Awardee:

Martha McMenamin Scholarship recipient 2023

COMH Doctoral bursary recipient 2024



Ruiya Wang


Student name: Ruiya Wang

PhD Title: Intergenerational Programmes for Stroke Rehabilitation

Supervisors: Dr Irene Hartigan, Dr Teresa Wills, Dr Maria O’Malley and Dr Marcia Ward

Study aim: This study aims to explore the impact of an intergenerational rehabilitation programme for stroke survivors, examining physical and psychosocial outcomes.

Year of Study and Programme: PhD SoNM Year 1

Scholarship Awardee: Chinese Council Scholarship

Yue Wu

Student name: Yue Wu

PhD Title: Study on the Formation of Help-seeking Behaviour and Intervention Strategies for Chinese older person with depression or depression symptoms.

Supervisors: Dr Nicola Cornally, Dr Caroline Kilty, Dr Teresa Wills and Dr Aine O’Donovan

Study aim: This study aims to explore the underlying reasons for help-seeking behaviour among elderly individuals with depression or depressive symptoms in China, and based on this, to construct an intervention strategy framework for help-seeking behaviour among this population.

Year of Study and Programme: PhD SoNM Year 1

Scholarship Awardee:

Robert Callaghan


Student name: Robert Callaghan

PhD Title: Post Stroke Depression: A study of risk factors and mechanisms

Supervisors: Dr Irene Hartigan, Prof Christian Waeber and Dr Rachel Moloney

Study aim: This study aims to assess the prevalence of PSD onset in Ireland, and to decipher the neurochemical mechanisms by which PSD occurs.

Year of Study and Programme: PhDM Year 1

Scholarship Awardee: Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship

Catherine O' Riordan

Student name: Catherine O’ Riordan

PhD Title: Exploring the Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factor Profile and Cardiovascular Health Awareness of Male Amateur Marathon Runners.

Study aim:  This study aims to explore the CVD risk factor profile and cardiovascular health awareness of male amateur marathon runners in Ireland and to gain insight from their supporting medical teams perspective concerning the cardiovascular health of male amateur marathon runners.

Year of Study and Programme: PhD SoNM Year 5

Scholarship Awardee: European Society of Cardiology Nursing Training Grant 


Patrice Crowley

Student name: Patrice Crowley

PhD Title: Towards best approaches for early identification of palliative care needs of people with dementia in nursing home settings.

Supervisors: Prof. Nicola Cornally, Dr Mohamad Saab

Study aim: Undertake a scoping review to identify current methods for early identification of nursing home residents who would benefit from a palliative care approach.

Year of Study and Programme: PhD SoNM Year 1.

Scholarship Awardee: 


Yvonne Pennisi

Student name: Yvonne Pennisi

PhD Title: Self-management to prevent recurrence of leg ulcers – An exploration of Irish patients and their informal carers’ experiences.

Supervisors: Prof Nicole Muller; Dr Claire Buckley; Dr Irene Hartigan

Study aim: To explore people with healed wounds and their informal carers’ experience of self-management in prevention of leg ulcer recurrence, in the Irish context.

Year of Study and Programme: PhDM Year 5

Neah Albasha, PhD Student 

Student name: Neah Albasha

PhD Title: Improving residential care staff knowledge, perceptions and self-efficacy in preventing falls among older residents.

Supervisors: Professor Suzanne Timmons, Professor Nicola Cornally, Dr Sheena McHugh

Study aim: To explore the experiences and attitudes of residential care staff working in older adult residential care services in Ireland, of current fall prevention strategies, including the perceived barriers and enablers; and quantify their knowledge of falls prevention, to inform a tailored education intervention; develop and pilot a tailored education intervention for residential care staff.

Mark O'Donovan, PhD Student 

PhD Title: The measurement and impact of frailty on middle aged and older adults with cognitive impairment and dementia.

Supervisors: Professor Nicola Cornally, Dr Ronan O' Caoimh & Professor Joseph Eustace

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