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Our Department works in partnership with the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland to provide training and education and to support the maintenance of professional competence to anaesthesiologists in the region. Information on continuing professional education, examintation and further subspecialty training can be obtained through the links below.

For centuries, medical doctors were trained through one or other form of apprenticeship. The core elements were person to person instruction explanation, observation and the opportunity to practice medicine with progressively greater independence. Early in the 21st century, various societal and professional forces led to an expanded definition of the role of medical physician and the requirement for greater accountability relating to the performance and practice of doctors. The primary force which has led to a change from time-based to competency-based medical education has been society’s requirement for greater accountability of medical practitioners and of those responsible for training medical doctors.

As a recognised Training Body, the College of Anaesthesiologists is responsible for setting training standards and for the organisation, supervision and counselling of doctors in training in Ireland. For our part, we set out to ensure that training and assessment is delivered in a fair and supportive environment and that training efforts are effective. In certain regards, we are breaking new ground in the way that competency-based training is delivered. The diversity of clinical disciplines and complexity across our hospitals, collaboration with the ASSERT Centre and, in particular, the commitment of excellent consultant educators has made this possible. College appointed Tutors, each an experienced clinician, lead our formal interaction with those trainees who are part of the National Training Programme. It is a priority for us that all trainees (whether part of the NTP or not) have the opportunity to progress professionally during their time with us.

A similar commitment exists to maintenance to professional competence. The Department nurtures a strongly collegial approach to learning from and with one another. In addition, our Department provides opportunities for continuing professional development through a variety of lecturers.


Postgraduate Programme

  Director Coordinator
Department Refresher Lecture Series Professor George Shorten Dr. Corina Soare, Clinical Lecturer
Morbidity & Mortality Professor George Shorten Dr. Corina Soare, Clinical Lecturer
Primary/Final FCARSCI Dr Jan Brohan Dr Zohaib Aslam, Registrar
ICU Tutorial Dr John Chandler Dr JR Sheehan, SpR
Journal Club Dr Pat Hassett Dr David Roche, SpR
Obstetric Anaesthesia Dr Fergus Walsh Dr Ciara Fahy, Spr


Pain Management Programme

  Director Coordinator
Pain Management Programme Dr John Browne Dr Agtha Biculescu, Registrar



Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine