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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    03 Jul 2024
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    Welcome to the Summer edition.

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    22 Apr 2024
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    Welcome to the spring edition:

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    11 Jan 2024
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    Welcome to the winter edition:

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    13 Nov 2023
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    Welcome to the Autumn edition:

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    06 Jul 2023
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    Welcome to the summer edition

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    09 May 2023
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter

    Welcome to the Spring edition

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter - December/January

    30 Jan 2023
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter - December/January

    In the first UCC Anesthesiology Newsletter of 2023 we warmly welcome those who have changed over to new hospitals in the last month. We hope the next rotation is rich in learning and personal growth. In particular, we wish colleagues who are taking exams in the upcoming months well and congratulate those who passed the Final Fellowship in December.

    In this edition, Professor Dominic Hegarty discusses the new digital remote patient management platform called Get Ready™. Cork is the first European pain management centre to provide such an integrated health solution.

    UCC medical students with an interest in anaesthesia have been successful nationally in the CAI Medical Student Competition and NUI Henry Hutchinson Stewart Scholarship Competition. Such an outstanding display of interest in anaesthesia at medical student stages is heartening and also highlights the importance of supporting medical students throughout clinical placements in anaesthesia.

    We highlight some of the departmental festive celebrations, and we also hear of a link between a UCC Medical graduate, a Maharaja and the Timoleague Mosaics.

    As always, we welcome clinical, academic and social submissions from colleagues in the region and beyond.

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter - October/November

    28 Nov 2022
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter - October/November


    Dr Clare Keaveney Jimenez, SpR, CUH.

    Dear readers,

    A warm welcome on a blustery November evening to the UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter.

    In this edition, we celebrate Consultant Anaesthesiologist Dr Anita Griffith’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Mercy University Hospital. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Dr Griffith will agree that such an award is more than well-deserved. Those of us who have trained with Dr Griffith aspire to emulate her qualities in our everyday practice.

    Our social highlights include a Halloween-themed “Coffee and a Gas” gathering and we also wish our colleagues well who have been appointed to new roles at home and abroad.

    As the dark evenings draw in, the annual Cork “Run in the Dark” never fails to brighten the city up as hundreds don their Hi-Vis attire. Among the sea of runners this year were teams from the CUH and the MUH Anaesthesiology Departments. The international “Run in the Dark” initiative was established by Irish athlete Mark Pollock in 2010 to promote his organisation “Collaborative Cures”.

    I hope that you enjoy browsing this edition. As always, we welcome submissions from all UCC-affiliated Anaesthesiology departments and from readers in Ireland and beyond.

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter - August/September

    26 Sep 2022
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter - August/September


    Dr Clare Keaveney Jimenez, SpR, CUH

    Hello everyone, welcome to the first UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter of this rotation.

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter May-June 2022 Obstetric Training Course (PROMPT)

    15 Jun 2022
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter May-June 2022 Obstetric Training Course (PROMPT)

    We welcome you all to the May/June Anaesthesiology Newsletter.

    We are excited to announce the recent return of the PRactical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training Course (PROMPT) to the Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH), and we congratulate the organisers and participants. We also bring news of kayaking, a pet photograph competition and wedding bells. You will also read about “The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican”, a priest from Co Kerry who defied a bounty on his head to hide over 6500 Jews and allied escaped prisoners of war during the Nazi occupation of Italy during the second world war.

    We wish all of you who are moving posts/towns/countries in July the very best of luck. Please consider sending us updates on your adventures- clinical, academic, or social. Photographs of exotic locations are always welcome.

    Dr Eoin O’Rathallaigh leaves the UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter editorial team in July to undertake a Fellowship in Trauma Anaesthesia at St Mary’s Hospital, London. We will miss his dedication, humour, and alliteration. He is the creator of the only slightly cheesy email address. He tried to introduce me to Google Docs and showed great patience, even when I thought that I’d deleted the entire December newsletter (I hadn’t- phew!). We wish him the very best of luck and welcome any future submissions from him.

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  • UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter March-April 2022 The College of Anaesthesiologists Tutors

    10 Jun 2022
    UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter March-April 2022 The College of Anaesthesiologists Tutors

    Dear Readers,

    Welcome to the March-April 2022 edition of your Newsletter.

    As we pass the Spring Equinox, we look forward to brighter days, outdoor events, and hopefully more gatherings in the company of friends and colleagues. 

    This edition includes a Literary Corner for the first time. We feature contributions from Dr. Brian O’Brien (Consultant Anaesthesiologist, CUH) and Mr Finbarr Condon-English (3rd year Graduate Entry Medicine student, UCC) - both with Nobel prizes for literature in their sights - (Ed).

    Thank you as always for taking the time to send your clinical, academic and social contributions. We would especially like to wish our friends and colleagues a Ramadan Mubarak.

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  • The Anaesthesia Newsletter January/February 2022

    26 Apr 2022
    The Anaesthesia Newsletter January/February 2022

    Dear Readers,

    Welcome to the January/February UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter. Now that 2022 is in full swing, we would like to offer everyone our best wishes as we recover from the challenges of the previous few years and we hope that we have possibly weathered the worst of the storm. We’d like to acknowledge the hard work of the Anaesthesiology Departments across the UCC group as we continue to strive for the best for our patients and colleagues.

    Spring is in the air and this month’s issue sees us continue to regroup and forge ahead with new paths. We thank our contributors and, as always, we welcome further contributions from within and outside the region. We would like to thank Dr Laura Griseto, SpR, CUH, for sending us this adorable photograph of Fiddle, the baby goat, who was born two weeks ago on her home farm in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Fiddle likes getting into mischief and getting cuddles from Laura’s children, but runs back to the safety of his watchful mother (Medusa) when he gets nervous.

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  • The Anaesthesia Newsletter December 2021

    20 Dec 2021
    The Anaesthesia Newsletter December 2021

    December is traditionally a time for reflection, and this year has certainly been a particularly challenging one for Irish healthcare workers. The year started and ended with waves of the COVID pandemic, with a cyber-attack sandwiched in the middle. Great credit is due to all healthcare staff who have shown such courage, skill and compassion while caring for patients and our community. We have included the poem “These are the hands” by Michael Rosen at the end of this newsletter as a tribute.

    Doctors in Training have faced particular challenges this year with an increased workload and altered training opportunities. The usual difficulties such as finding accommodation, child-care, and isolation from support systems have been accentuated due to the pandemic. Many colleagues from overseas have had additional anxieties about vulnerable and ill family members back home, paired with difficulties in international travel. We wish to thank the Doctors in Training for their hard work, professionalism, and camaraderie throughout the year.

    It is appropriate that we focus on Doctors in Training in the December Newsletter. Dr Gilly de Loughry, SAT2, has submitted a focus segment outlining the excellent work of the Committee of Anaesthesiology Trainees (CAT). Gilly is the Examinations Representative and Liaison Anaesthetic Trainee Co-ordinator. Dr Sarah Galea, SAT2 and Liaison Anaesthesiology Trainee for the CUH, has contributed to the Meet the Team segment.

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  • The Anaesthesia Newsletter November 2021

    08 Nov 2021
    The Anaesthesia Newsletter November 2021

    Dr Eoin O Rathallaigh, SpR, CUH 

    Dear readers,

    As the winter draws in and we enjoy a return to some semblance of pre-pandemic normality, we’d like to welcome you to a special edition of the UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter featuring the recent ICU4U2 Charity Cycle to the Garden of Remembrance in War Memorial Park, Dublin.

    The cycle and Remembrance Ceremony allowed us to honour those who we have lost due to the pandemic, and their loved ones, as well as raise funds for four fantastic charities- Alone, Aware, Aware NI and Breakthrough Research. We congratulate Dr Patrick Seigne and all the other organisers, participants and everyone who contributed to this wonderful event.

    We hope you enjoy a quiet moment to peruse this month’s edition, and while celebrating our recent collective clinical, academic and personal achievements.

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  • BJA is moving to online access from January 2022

    16 Nov 2021
    BJA is moving to online access from January 2022

    From the first issue of January 2022, the British Journal of Anaesthesia will move to online access. In July 2022, BJA Education will also move to a digital format, with an opt-in service for print editions for a further twelve months until June 2023.

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  • The Anaesthesia Newsletter October 2021

    04 Oct 2021
    The Anaesthesia Newsletter October 2021

    Standing on the shoulders of giants.

    Dr Oonagh Hickey, Consultant Anaesthetist, CUH

    On 9th September, Mr Michael O’Sullivan (Consultant Neurosurgeon) chaired a very special Grand Rounds at the CUH, celebrating 50 years of neurosurgery in Cork. In attendance were Mr Ted Buckley (Consultant Neurosurgeon) and Dr Seamus Harte (Consultant Anaesthetist) who, on the first Monday in June 1971, undertook the first neurosurgical procedure in Cork at St Finbarr’s Hospital. Various speakers outlined the past, current and future development of the neurosciences in Cork, including neurosurgery, neuroradiology, neurology and neuropathology. I had a personal interest as my father, Dr Matt Hickey, was the first neuroradiologist appointed to Cork- and the second in the country- in 1976.

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  • The Anaesthesia newsletter September 2021

    02 Sep 2021
    The Anaesthesia newsletter September 2021

    September UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter- focus on Green Anaesthesia Week

    Welcome to the September UCC Anaesthesiology Newsletter. We hope that this provides a platform where we can stay informed and connected across the UCC Anaesthesiology team and beyond. We wish to send a special greeting to our overseas readers, including those based in Australia and New Zealand (Aoife- I’m glad that the Tunnock Tea Cakes arrived safely- Eoin). We welcome contributions on clinical and academic topics, teambuilding and social outings, general interest, and updates from our diaspora. Please feel free to contact Dr Eoin O’Rathallaigh, SpR, CUH or myself at


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  • The Anesthesia Newsletter August 2021

    04 Aug 2021
    The Anesthesia Newsletter August 2021

    Hello everyone and welcome to the August edition of UCC Anaesthesiology News (UCC-AN). I’d like to thank Dr. Oonagh Hickey for welcoming me on board the editorial team as we take a monthly look at professional, academic and social events within the UCC Teaching Hospital Group’s Anaesthesiology Departments. If the catchphrase hasn’t already been commissioned, maybe we might consider rebranding the newsletter to “Yes UCC-AN”?

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  • Gas man: Observations of an Anaesthetist by Colin Black

    20 Jul 2021
    Gas man: Observations of an Anaesthetist by Colin Black

    10… 9… 8… 7… 6…

    That’s about as far as you get, counting backwards, as you wait for surgery to begin – and that’s all most people know about what I do. 

    But what happens between you conking out and waking up? And what does the anaesthetist have to do with it all? Do they just sit around playing sudoku while the rest of the team do all the hard work? And why are they so obsessed with what time you ate dinner?

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  • The Anaesthesia Newsletter July 2021

    05 Jul 2021
    The Anaesthesia Newsletter July 2021


    Dr Parvaiz Hafeez, Consultant Anaesthetist and College of Anaesthesiology Tutor

    The last year and a half have been very challenging and difficult due to Covid disease and its social restrictions. During this period, trainees in the specialty of anaesthesia and intensive care medicine faced lots of stressful situations and long hours but they served with extreme professionalism and bravery. We really are very proud of our doctors for their brilliant performance in these exhausting months.

    A lot of credit goes to the trainees and consultants for organising team building activities cycling, running/walking and kayaking. Let’s hope that Covid will be a thing of the past and that life moves towards normality.

    Undoubtedly, trainees rotating within the various anaesthetic departments as well as doctors coming from other cities will enjoy their time here & experience great clinical exposure and learning. Obviously the cultural and social component of this region is amazing, and we hope you enjoy it.

    Wishing you all the very best!



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  • The Anaesthesia June Newsletter 2021

    01 Jun 2021
    The Anaesthesia June Newsletter 2021

    Dr Orna Ní Choileain, SHO, Cork University Hospital

    Dear all, I’d like to thank Dr Oonagh Hickey for the invitation to write the introduction to the second newsletter. It’s an intimidating task to follow on from the prolific Dr Brian O’Brien, so I will play to my strengths and keep it brief. 

    I am writing on behalf of this year’s crop of beginners. We started our careers in anaesthesia at the height of a global pandemic and have finished the year in the midst of a ransomware attack. I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping these events will be once in a career occurrences. I had been warned that the learning curve of the first six months would be steep, but no one expected the many conversations discussing our favourite FFP masks or that we would have gone so long without seeing one another’s faces. I also definitely did more cycling than I ever had before!

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  • The Anaesthesia newsletter May 2021

    07 May 2021
    The Anaesthesia newsletter May 2021

    Dr Brian O’Brien, Chairman

    Dear all, I’m grateful to Oonagh Hickey for the invitation to provide a departmental update for our website, and indeed, for her and Prof Shorten’s initiative in establishing and advancing the website itself. This is a difficult era for personal communication, and we grow ever more reliant on electronic means to keep in touch. Thus, further development of the website is timely. In any given year, with such a large team, there are inevitably defining experiences - successes and failures, moments, indeed, of triumph and despair. Some are collective phenomena, like the current pandemic, others individual, such as the births, deaths, and various career landmarks that punctuate our calendar. Every six-month term will involve cards or texts of condolence and congratulations, interspersed with exam dates, graduations and interviews.

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  • Step into Spring

    06 Apr 2021
    Step into Spring

    The third wave of the COVID 19 pandemic put significant strain on the nation’s healthcare service. Frontline healthcare workers across the country, including the members of the CUH Department of Anaesthesia, were faced with the challenge of caring for a rapidly increasing number of critically unwell patients presenting with COVID related illnesses in addition to addressing the usual service requirements. As always, teamwork, professionalism and compassion were abundant- both within the Department and across the many fantastic healthcare teams in which we function. However, as the clinical situation stabilised and the vaccine program was rolled out, we found time to regroup and to formally welcome the new colleagues who had joined us during this time.

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  • Congress of Anaesthesiology 20-21 May, 2021

    30 Mar 2021
    Congress of Anaesthesiology 20-21 May, 2021

    The College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland and the Faculty of Pain Medicine will hold the next Congress of Anaesthesiology on Thursday and Friday, 20th and 21st May 2021. The Congress will be delivered virtually and will be jointly hosted by the CAI and the Faculty of Pain Medicine. The theme of the Congress 2021 is the safety and well-being of patients and health professionals. During the 2-day

    Delegates will also get the chance to attend workshops on pain medicine, regional anaesthesia and peri-operative medicine (PoCUS). Among the novel sessions are: the Sustainability Session, The Inaugural Brian Kavanagh Session and an interactive session on how to: develop an application to secure Specialist Registration. The event registration is not yet open but you can register your interest by sending an email to Lucia Zelenska at

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  • Merry CUHristmas Newsletter

    14 Jan 2021
    Merry CUHristmas Newsletter

    Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

    As part of the ongoing efforts to maintain morale in a time of social distancing and altered work practices, Dr Aoife O’Loughlin (SpR) and Dr Claire Healy (SHO) organised a “Who’s hand is it anyway?” photograph competition, inspired by Dr Patrick Hassett (Consultant). Members of the Department were invited to submit a photograph of their hand while including an item which would serve as either a clue or a red herring. Such items included a fencing foil, a copy of Peig, Game of Throne’s embroidery, a shark’s tooth, a machete, two dogs and a rather cute baby. A photo of a handstand and an audio clip of superb piano playing were also included and served to remind us that our colleagues are not just talented clinicians.

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  • Conor Murray, UCC medical student receives the 2020 Dr HH Stewart Scholarship for Anaesthesia

    10 Dec 2020
    Conor Murray, UCC medical student receives the 2020 Dr HH Stewart Scholarship for Anaesthesia

    The Henry Hutchison Stewart Scholarships are awarded annually by the National University of Ireland to medical students at NUI universities. In UCC, students are nominated by School of Medicine to sit the HHS exam in Anaesthesia based on the quality of a literature review completed as part of their research project. The NUI examination itself is essay-based, with titles being circulated to nominees one week in advance.

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  • There’s something in the ether...

    10 Nov 2020
    There’s something in the ether...

    The CUH Anaesthesia department has been rising to the challenge of keeping up morale and being sociable while maintaining social distance and a large workload.  As a part of this, we held two contests over the Hallowe’en: a Jack O ‘Lantern competition and a baby photo guessing game.


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  • Kieran FitzGerald a contributor to the new Student Medical Journal

    21 Oct 2020
    Kieran FitzGerald a contributor to the new Student Medical Journal

    With all the boredom of lockdown, I saw the new student medical journal was being started up and an email was sent to all students looking for submissions. On different placements, from multiple doctors, there was a strong message that research experience would be beneficial, if not required, for different applications or interviews. I am not usually one to care too much about the future, usually hoping things will work out while refusing to put in any real effort. But the monotony of lockdown was the main contributor to revisiting the torment of my literature review. Writing it earlier in the year was one of the worst experiences in college, writing most of the weekend before it was due, with very little guidance, or even idea of what a literature review was.

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  • Dr Khaled Masaud at the IPS Annual Scientific Meeting

    18 Oct 2020
    Dr Khaled Masaud at the IPS Annual Scientific Meeting

    The Irish Pain Society held a very successful virtual Annual Scientific Meeting on Saturday the 10th of September, 2020. Dr Khaled Masaud, presenting research conducted on determinants of pain after breast surgery at Cork University Hospital, was honoured to receive both the inaugural Raftery Medal 2020 for best poster submitted by a doctor in training and the Irish Pain Research Network (IPRN) Award for original research.

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  • New appointments

    17 Sep 2020
    New appointments

    New appointments as Adjunct Clinical Lecturer at UCC.

    Congratulations to the following on their appointments to UCC as Adjunct Clinical Lecturer for the
    coming academic year (2020/21).
    Dr. Emma May Lyons (MUH)
    Dr Aogán Ó Muircheartaigh (CUH)
    Dr John Robert Sheehan (CUH)
    Dr Aoife O'Loughlin (CUH)
    Dr. Corina Soare (CUH)

    The role of Adjunct Clinical Lecturer is newly established by the School of Medicine and entails developing and delivering teaching to medical students and doctors in training. Our new ACLs have been informed of their appointments by Professor Paula O’Leary, Dean of the School of Medicine. The appointments are made by the President of UCC based on the recommendations of the theAdjunct Committee of the College of Medicine and Health. Our Department is grateful to the appointees for taking on these extra responsibilities and wish them well for the year ahead.

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  • Research support award recipient; Abnoos Mosleh-Shirazi

    07 Sep 2020
    Research support award recipient; Abnoos Mosleh-Shirazi

    Abnoos Mosleh-Shirazi is a 4th year medical student at University College Cork. Recently,  Abnoos received a medical undergraduate research supplement award for a project in the area of regional anaesthesia.

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  • World Institute of Pain: UCC pain management research

    31 Aug 2020
    World Institute of Pain: UCC pain management research

    UCC medical students Sinead Forde and David Reidy presented their work virtually at the prestigious World Institute of Pain Congress in Rome on August 26-29, 2020. Both research projects were supervised by Dr Dominic Hegarty , Pain Management Specialist at the Mater Private Hospital and Honorary Treasurer of the World Institute of Pain. Sinead’s work identified a close association between self-perceived disability outcomes and self-efficacy for function in patients with chronic low back pain. David’s work supports the inclusion of the Prescribing Skills Assessment tool in the pre-registration requirements for Irish medical students.

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  • Dr Rodney Meeke's retirement party

    12 Jul 2020
    Dr Rodney Meeke's retirement party

    A bitter-sweet memory will be the retirement of Dr Rodney Meeke. To call him a legend is an understatement. He is an excellent clinician, an enthusiastic teacher, and an absolute gentleman. He is hugely popular with staff throughout the hospital. Given the need for social distancing, the CUH canteen was utilised to facilitate colleagues (current and retired) from the CUH and the other city hospitals to wish him well. The guests of honour were his daughter Joanna and son Dr James Meeke. Rodney will be missed but we wish him the very best in his future adventures.

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  • The Wellcome - HRB ICAT Programme: Applications open on 25th of August

    25 Jun 2020
    The Wellcome - HRB ICAT Programme: Applications open on 25th of August

    The Health Research Board (HRB), the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland (CAI), and the Irish Clinical Academic Training programme (ICAT) come together to boost research careers amongst Ireland’s future academic clinicians.

    With this initiative, clinicians in anaesthesiology, intensive care and / or pain medicine will soon have further opportunities to pursue careers as academic clinicians and gain valuable skills in combining clinical research with their clinical practice.

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  • Delaney Medal Winner: Dr Dylan Finnerty

    22 Jun 2020
    Delaney Medal Winner: Dr Dylan Finnerty

    This year’s winner of the Delaney Medal Competition was Dr Dylan Finnerty for his project entitled  “a Prospective, Randomised, Double-Blind Clinical Trial comparing Erector Spinae Plane Block with Serratus Anterior Plane Block for Quality of Recovery and Morbidity after Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery” [ppt]. One of the panel of judges Professor Adam Sapirstein of Johns Hopkins Medical Centre, US described Dr Finerty’s work as “A tour de force project and presentation. A clinical trial that can change practice is a profound undertaking. The presenter demonstrated how and why this was done. The results were indisputable and the project will have lasting impact”.

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  • Competency based training: A consensus statement

    04 Jun 2020
    Competency based training: A consensus statement

    Anaesthesiology has become the first medical discipline in Europe to express a unified and comprehensive vision for Competency-based Training and Education (CBMET). In a Consensus Statement produced jointly by the European Board of Anaesthesiology (UEMS) and the European Society of Anaesthesiologists published in the European Journal of Anaesthesiology, the Statement expresses the need for and methodology required to change to CBMET.

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  • January Icebreakers

    03 Feb 2020
    January Icebreakers

    On Friday 24th January, as a continuation of the monthly “Coffee and a Gas” initiative, members of the CUH Anaesthetic Department gathered in the Anaesthetic Office for pizza. This provided an excellent opportunity for us to welcome new members to our Department and to chat in a relaxed non-clinical environment.

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  • ASPIRE CS-CST Fellowship; Call for applicants

    31 Jan 2020
    ASPIRE CS-CST Fellowship; Call for applicants

    Cork University Hospital in conjunction with the  Royal College of Physicians of Ireland are delighted to be awarded one of the prestigious ASPIRE post CS-CST Fellowships. 



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  • CUH does Cork on Ice

    15 Jan 2020
    CUH does Cork on Ice

    On Saturday, the 14th of December, a brave group of anaesthetists from the Cork University Hospital Anaesthetic Department and their family members gathered at the “Cork on Ice” ice-rink. The more experienced of the group took time out from skating backwards to assist those who had never done battle with ice and gravity before. Having survived the session unharmed, the group retired to the café for hot chocolates and a debrief. There was an outbreak of “bunny ears” while the group photographs were being taken followed by a spontaneous round of applause for Dr Jemima Nilan  who had organised the outing.

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  • Irish Doctors for the Environment

    14 Jan 2020
    Irish Doctors for the Environment

    Irish Doctors for the Environment is a group of doctors and medical students in the Irish Healthcare System who came together almost two years ago. We encompass a broad spectrum of specialities who all believe in one thing: environmental health is human health. We aim to create awareness, interest and implement action around environment health and the impact it has on our patients’ health.

    The major medical journals: the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine are in agreement-this is the consensus opinion of the medical community-climate change is real, and it is undoubtably the biggest issue to face us in the coming years. We must act, we must inform. Committing to this issue is arguably the single best use of our medical degrees and higher level training.


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  • Coffee & a Beef

    09 Jan 2020
    Coffee & a Beef

    On the 16th of December, members of the CUH Anaesthetic Department gathered for the last Coffee and a Gas session of the year. Dr Jan Brohan, Consultant Anaesthetist, brought spiced beef (a Cork Christmas delicacy) and many more brought in home baked foods. We had the largest attendance yet for one of the CUH coffee and a gas sessions, with two NCHD’s coming in from home specially for the occasion- one with home made brownies straight from the oven.

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  • Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety

    03 Jan 2020
    Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety

    Dr Dorothy Breen and Prof George Shorten, with the support of the Clinical Research Facility-Cork have been awarded EU 280,000 jointly by the HRB and HSE to fund a patient safety research project entitled; PROTECT. The Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety (RCQPS) award  is intended to promote research in quality and patient safety in healthcare. PROTECT  aims to determine the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary,  outcomes-based, team training programme for Safety Huddle performance in decreasing the incidence of patient adverse events. The study will be conducted in Cork University Hospital and University Hospital Waterford.

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  • 2019 HSE open access awards

    23 Dec 2019
    2019 HSE open access awards

    We are delighted to announce that Dr Karthik Srinivasan recently received the  HSE Open Access Researcher of the Year 2019 award from Ms Ana Terres, Deputy National Director HSE. The award made jointly with Prof George Shorten was based on the work on proficiency based progression training in epidural placement at Cork University Maternity Hospital. Proficiency-based progression training: an ‘end to end’ model for decreasing error applied to achievement of effective epidural analgesia during labour: a randomised control study”.

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  • "Nice and Spicy for November"

    22 Nov 2019

    We spiced up the November "Coffee and a Gas" with some delicious homemade Lamb Qorma and Chicken Biryani which was very kindly prepared by Dr Nasser Khan, Senior Registrar, and his lovely wife Sadia. We had the best turnout yet. Soft drinks were provided, and some of the Department were convinced to try Tanora for the first time- a classic Cork favourite.

    The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) first promoted the "Coffee and a Gas" initiative in 2017 to promote team building and wellness within Anaesthetic Departments ( The hope is that encouraging members of Departments to chat in an informal environment will empower staff to discuss issues and concerns more openly and will lead to reduced stress levels. The AAGBI has also recently become a member of the "Zero Suicide Alliance". The AAGBI website contains very useful links and resources for supporting members and promoting wellness. The AAGBI suggested that Anaesthetic Departments around the UK and Ireland would hold a "Coffee and a Gas" during the week of 18th-22th November and we were very happy to coordinate our monthly meeting with this.

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  • World's first 5G telemedicine and medical robotics training centre

    14 Nov 2019
    World's first 5G telemedicine and medical robotics training centre

    The ASSERT Centre (Application of the Science of Simulation to Education, Research and Medical Technology) at UCC has entered into a landmark partnership with Vodafone Ireland, becoming the first 5G telemedicine and medical robotics training centre in the world. The announcement was made by the Táiniste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Simon Coveney TD, at the launch event on 13th of August 2019.

    ASSERT enables clinicians, industry and academics across a broad spectrum of healthcare research to design, develop, deploy and trial innovative and disruptive healthcare solutions, in a simulated healthcare environment that deliver real world solutions for healthcare problems in the developed and developing world.
    The ASSERT Centre showcases real-time monitoring, telemedicine, and robotic surgery, integrated with wearable Internet of Medical Things-based devices. This provides a consolidated ecosystem that truly digitizes healthcare to provide personalised, precise, predictive, participatory and timely healthcare that benefits patients, their caregivers, healthcare professionals and healthcare providers.
    The ground-breaking 5G announcement is set to revolutionise healthcare delivery across Ireland and the world, with ASSERT in Cork to become a Vodafone 5G global centre of IoMT excellence for healthcare and end-to-end solution development.

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  • AbbVie Scholarship

    08 Aug 2019
    AbbVie Scholarship

    Gut Microbiome and Persistent Postoperative Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery

    For the presentation of this research work in the Congress of College of Anesthesiologists of Ireland this year (2019), we are delighted to announce that Khaled Massaud won the AbbVie Scholarship Competition. He was competing for the scholarship with Hassan Ahmed who also presented his research work “Proficiency based progression training for epidural analgesia in labour” which is conducted in CUH.

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  • World Anaesthesiology Day

    21 Oct 2019
    World Anaesthesiology Day

    To celebrate World Anaesthesiology Day on October 16th, 2019, the college of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland Committee of Anaesthesia Trainees (CAT) promoted a National Coffee and a Gas Day. The Association of Anaesthesiologists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) promotes the Coffee and a Gas Initiative to address anaesthesia wellbeing and mutual support. Cork University Hosptial is a particularly busy hospital, with an ever-expanding Department of Anaesthesia working across many clinical areas. We support a monthly Anaesthetic Coffee and a Gas Session, and we find it to be a great opportunity for members of the Department to meet and chat in an informal non-clinical environment. It also introduces a great sense of fun ino the Department.We are delighted to facilitate the CAT initiative. Coffee and Halloween themed doughnuts were provided. Celery sticks and low-fat humus were available for the 'My Body is a Temple' crew following the good-natured circulation of #healthylivesmatter and #fitshaming messages. One of the organisers ate a lot of left-over celery over the following few days.Dr Nasser Khan, Senior Registrar, has volunteered to make 'Nice and Spicey' curry for the November Coffee and a Gas session, which will be ery welcome as the winter sets in.

    Organisers: Dr Murray Connolly, Spr5 (CAT Committee, Irish representative AAGBI), Dr Oonagh Hickey, Dr Brian O'Donnell, Dr Niamh McAuliffe, Consultant Anaesthetists.


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  • Proficiency based progression training improves clinical communication

    15 Jul 2019
     Proficiency based progression training improves clinical communication

    Dr Dorothy Breen and colleagues have just published an important research article in the BMJ Open describing how proficiency based progression training improves clinical communication. Simulation-based training is being increasingly deployed for both technical and non-technical skill acquisition in healthcare with the aim of reducing medical error and patient harm. There is a need for an evidence-based approach to such training to ensure that the resources utilised can reliably deliver a quantifiable improved skill set rather than just an enhanced educational experience. Proficiency-based progression (PBP) training is a form of outcomes-based training that involves training individuals to achieve a proficiency benchmark against a set of clearly defined objective metrics. It has been robustly shown to improve the performance of individuals undertaking technical procedures metrics. PBP methodology has not previously been applied to simulation-based training for non-technical skills yet communication failures are a significant source of medical error and preventable adverse events equal if not greater than errors due to lack of technical skill. This study shows the effect of such training on communication for the Deteriorating Patient.  

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  • Coffee and a Gas

    28 Jun 2019
    Coffee and a Gas
    In June, the Cork University Hospital Department of Anaesthesia held its inaugural monthly “coffee and a gas” meeting. Dr Oonagh Hickey and Dr Niamh McAuliffe, consultant anaesthetists at CUH, have led an initiative intended to ensure that those who work in the Department can meet and chat in a friendly setting. 
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  • How training doctors with AI could improve patient outcomes

    04 Jun 2019
    How training doctors with AI could improve patient outcomes

    Prof George Shorten presenting at the TechConnect Live exhibition on, 'how training doctors with artificail intelligence (AI) could improve patient outcomes'. AI refers to the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans. Machine learning is one advanced application of AI concerned with developing computer programs that automatically improve with experience.

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  • Damp but undaunted in Oysterhaven

    04 Jun 2019
    Damp but undaunted in Oysterhaven

    In May, eleven brave members of the CUH Anaesthetic Department reported to Oysterhaven for team building activities. We kayaked across the bay, where we were encouraged to stand up in the kayaks. This led to random acts of piracy such as ramming, attempted capsizing and some terrible jokes. We were then challenged to run the length of the very slippery “moonwalk” inflatable. The Consultants were enthusiastic if ungraceful, but youth and agility won out. This was followed by a very competitive race to the shore on two giant paddleboards. Bragging rights were exercised over a well-earned lunch.

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  • Exam Preparation for CAI membership or fellowship

    26 Apr 2019
    Exam Preparation for CAI membership or fellowship

    Exam focussed tutorials take place weekly in Cork University Hospital on Tuesday mornings. These are open to all anaesthesiology trainees within the Cork area who are preparing for the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland membership or fellowship examinations. These tutorials comprise of interactive discussions surrounding exam topics and sample exam questions, with advice for exam technique from experienced examiners. These tutorials will be tailored to meet the needs of the exam candidates, in so far as is possible. Exam candidates are advised to contact the Cork University Hospital Anaesthesiology Exam Tutor, Dr Janette Brohan for more details-  

    Prof. Shorten will present on 'Equations that come up in Part 1 MCQ exam' in 1A/1B tutorial room at 7am on Tuesday the 30th.

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  • Promising new collaboration between the Department of Anaesthesiology and APC on the role of the gut micobiome and pain perception

    11 Feb 2019
    Promising new collaboration between the Department of Anaesthesiology and APC on the role of the gut micobiome and pain perception

    The human gut microbiota consists of trillions of bacteria which have co-evolved with humans to live symbiotically in the gastrointestinal tract. In recent times, the influence of the gut microbiome (collective genome of all mircoorganisms) on the body in health and disease has come to the fore. Studies have revealed how alterations in the composition of the gut microbiota influence normal physiology and contribute to a variety of diseases. Accumulating data, including that from Dr. O’Mahony’s lab, now indicates that central nervous system function and behaviour can be influenced by the gut microbiota.

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  • Proficiency based progression training for epidural catheter placement for labour analgesia

    13 Nov 2018
    Proficiency based progression training for epidural catheter placement for labour analgesia

    Medical errors account for as many as 250,000 deaths in the US every year. A significant proportion of such errors (44% by one estimate) are related to procedural skills. Although simulation based training methods have been developed to address the deficiencies in training, there is limited evidence to show it reduces procedural errors or that it improves patient outcomes. By employing a tool known as “Pro­fi­ciency-based pro­gres­sion (PBP)” we were able to show improved pa­tient outcomes. Pre­vi­ous in­ves­ti­ga­tions of med­i­cal train­ing using this tool have fo­cused on the per­for­mance of the doc­tor rather than a mean­ing­ful pa­tient out­come.

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  • Cork Academy of Regional Anaesthesia

    26 Oct 2018
    Cork Academy of Regional Anaesthesia

    The Cork Academy of Regional Anaesthesia (CARA) was incorporated in 2015 to provide high quality, contemporary postgraduate training to anaesthetists and allied health professionals in Ireland and across Europe. Since 1999 the regional anaesthesia specialists in Cork University Hospital have held an annual cadaveric peripheral nerve block course in University College Cork. Our aim has always been to produce state-of-the-art educational experiences drawing on the combined resources of an exceptionally well-trained and experienced faculty and world class facilities. Key priorities of CARA are: (1) the translation of novel and contemporaneous training curriculae and assessment tools into deliverable units of education; and (2) the support of ongoing research.

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  • "Machine learning will enhance training of anaesthetists"

    19 Oct 2018

    “In anaesthesia and critical care, as in medicine in general, use of machine learning makes it possible for every new patient to take direct advantage of the data and experience accumulated by the treatment of a large number of previous patients with a similar condition.” This is the claim made in an editorial in the British Journal of Anaesthesia by Dr Karthik Srinivasan (Tallaght Hospital, Dublin), Dr Ingerid Reinertsen (SINTEF, Norway) and Prof George Shorten (UCC).


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  • Facing Africa

    12 Oct 2018
    Facing Africa

    Facing Africa is a British charity which twice a year funds a volunteer team of 3 Anaesthetists, 4 Surgeons and a number of Nurses to go to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia where they perform reconstructive surgery. The disease Noma is an acute, rapidly progressive, necrotising infection of the mouth. It begins as a small, gingival ulcer and results in gangrenous necrosis of the surrounding facial tissues. Survivors of acute Noma usually have severe disfigurement and functional impairment including trismus, oral incontinence, difficulties eating and speech problems. The Facing Africa charity seeks out these patients in very remote, rural areas of Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia and brings them to Addis Ababa for nutritional and medical care prior to performing complex and frequently multi-stage operations (often over several trips and years) before helping to integrate them back into their homes. 

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