World Anaesthesiology Day

21 Oct 2019

To celebrate World Anaesthesiology Day on October 16th, 2019, the college of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland Committee of Anaesthesia Trainees (CAT) promoted a National Coffee and a Gas Day. The Association of Anaesthesiologists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) promotes the Coffee and a Gas Initiative to address anaesthesia wellbeing and mutual support. Cork University Hosptial is a particularly busy hospital, with an ever-expanding Department of Anaesthesia working across many clinical areas. We support a monthly Anaesthetic Coffee and a Gas Session, and we find it to be a great opportunity for members of the Department to meet and chat in an informal non-clinical environment. It also introduces a great sense of fun ino the Department.We are delighted to facilitate the CAT initiative. Coffee and Halloween themed doughnuts were provided. Celery sticks and low-fat humus were available for the 'My Body is a Temple' crew following the good-natured circulation of #healthylivesmatter and #fitshaming messages. One of the organisers ate a lot of left-over celery over the following few days.Dr Nasser Khan, Senior Registrar, has volunteered to make 'Nice and Spicey' curry for the November Coffee and a Gas session, which will be ery welcome as the winter sets in.

Organisers: Dr Murray Connolly, Spr5 (CAT Committee, Irish representative AAGBI), Dr Oonagh Hickey, Dr Brian O'Donnell, Dr Niamh McAuliffe, Consultant Anaesthetists.




Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine