Training and Education

We are teachers and educators. We have responsibility to support the learning of medical students, anaesthetic trainees and others. In addition, we are committed to maintaining competence within the anaesthesia, pain medicine and intensive care communities in the region. We believe that our educational efforts must be of high quality, reflect current best practice and benefit our colleagues in Ireland and internationally. We take pride in our performance as educators.

Given the complexity of our clinical learning environments, we value teachers, students and trainees as professional colleagues. This entails treating one another with respect and compassion, while requiring high standards of ourselves as doctors and as professionals.

It is our intention that teaching, learning and training are achieved across the continuum (including difficult transitions) using an active learning approach within which enquiry is encouraged. Our research and teaching efforts are interlinked: much of what is learned in the classroom or simulated environments are applied in the operating theatre, ICU and elsewhere. All Department members, consultants, trainees and students are encouraged to reflect on their clinical experience in a constructive and systematic manner.

We see ourselves as active partners who work closely with other disciplines in the School of Medicine, the ASSERT Centre UCC and the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland to provide a distinctive and high quality education for an anaesthesiology, intensive care and pain management community.

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine