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Metabolism research within the School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology focuses the genetic and biochemical basis of host-microbe interactions, their regulation and translational research.

The influence of diet, environment, gut microbial changes and host genetics contribute to processes including gut development and homeostasis, immune function and local and systemic signalling in defining health outcomes. Our researchers dissect how these different and combined factors can impact health, disease and longevity. Our research is focused on microbial and host-metabolite interactions, that impact drug uptake, adiposity, circadian rhythm, immune functions, with an emphasis on signalling processes to identity key areas for therapeutic approaches. Our approaches have informed SMART protein engineering, live and synthetic biotherapeutic applications, informed on disease development and biomarker discovery.

We apply cutting-edge complementary methodologies, including gene expression analysis (RNA and protein), metabolite analysis (targeted and untargeted metabolomics), biochemical assays and kinetics, microbial population analysis, strain isolation, molecular microbiology, in vitro and in vivo models to address our questions.

Postgraduate studies in Metabolism

Postgraduate research opportunities are available through:

Principal & Funded Investigators

Name Email Telephone Location
Dr Susan Joyce +353 (0)21 490 1343 Biosciences Institute 1.07 / 4.28
Professor Rosemary O'Connor +353 (0)21 490 1312 Biosciences Institute 2.09 / 2.33
Professor Cora O'Neill +353 (0)21 490 1380 Biosciences Institute 3.07 / 3.33
Professor Dmitri Papkovsky +353 (0)21 490 1698 / 1699 Cavanagh Pharmacy Building 1.28 / 1.38

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