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Undergraduate Courses

The School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Undergraduate courses

The School runs the BSc in Biochemistry programme.

The School participates at different levels in a number of other degree courses:

Staff in the School also teach students in the preclinical years of medical, dental and pharmacy programmes offered by the College of Medicine and Health:

Graduates of our undergraduate courses will develop the ability to

Demonstrate a wide knowledge of essential facts, major concepts, principles and theories associated with the chosen discipline

Apply their knowledge to analyse, interpret and critically evaluate data

Execute independent research centred on data generation

Be cognisant of and act in accordance with health and safety policies

Take account of and act in accordance with good laboratory practice, ethical considerations and risk and control of substances hazardous to health assessment

Demonstrate critical analysis and application of results obtained

Recognise the importance of quality control and quality assurance

Design research protocols and use statistical techniques to enable valid analysis and interpretations of experimental results

Interpret data derived from laboratory observations and measurements

Conduct risk assessments concerning laboratory procedures

Apply numeracy and IT skills such as word processing, spreadsheets, data logging and storage

Demonstrate organisational and team work skills through planning and executing experiments

Communicate complex research clearly and engagingly via written and oral presentation to a range of audiences

School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

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