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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is awarded for original research work which is publishable in whole or in part.

Students must be registered for PhD for a minimum of three years full-time.

All UCC PhDs are now structured in nature which means all students must take 15 credits of coursework during the PhD with no more than 10 credits consisting of courses external to UCC.  The maximum for coursework in a three-year PhD is 30 credits.

Please consult our Research section to identify suitable research themes, topics and potential supervisors.

For further details on regulations, consult the College Calendar entry.

The advantages of a PhD

PhD students don’t just absorb information, they create it

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PhD graduates acquire specialised knowledge as well as highly valuable transferable skills

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PhD students thrive on both competition and collaboration

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What's the difference between a Master's degree and a PhD?

A Masters degree is granted to those who have mastered a field while a PhD is granted to those who have added to a field

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A PhD provides you with the top 3 desired skills for industry position...

1. Critical thinking
2. Complex problem solving
3. Correct decision-making

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PhD graduates have a competitive advantage in the job market

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A PhD makes a candidate very attractive to employers who...

...are looking to fill higher-level, research-driven positions

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