Healthy Development and Ageing

We look at the way our minds, brains and bodies change over the course of our life; we are particularly interested in discovering which physiological, cognitive and lifestyle factors support a healthy development and successful ageing. We also study the social and psychological factors that contribute in being well over the course of our life, including perceptual sensitivity, perceptions of ageing, elder stereotypes. As our mind and bodies are closely connected, we study our cognitive and functional development and how to support it in ageing, for example what are the cognitive and brain changes linked to falls and fear of falling in older people. We utilise a variety of methods including experimental, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and we look at the brain and body through electroencephalography, and heart rate monitoring, as examples

Projects related to Healthy Development and Ageing

Multisensory Perception

We live in a multisensory world. Every day, we are constantly combining information from our different sensory organs to form a coherent experience

Dr Jason Chan and Dr Annalisa Setti

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