BA - First Arts

BA Programme - First Arts (2018-19)

BA Programme - First Arts (2018-19)

HA1001  An Introduction to Art History (15 credits)

Co-ordinator: Dr Flavio Boggi

Time: 13:00-14:00 on Monday; 17:00-18:00 on Tuesday and Thursday. 
Location: Kane Building G.2.

The below modules are available to Visiting Students only (time and location are as above)

HA1002  Western Art & Architecture:  From Antiquity to the Renaissance (10 credits; semester one only)

HA1003  Western Art & Architecture:  From the Baroque Age to the Modern Era (10 credits; semester two only)


Course Content

Cork’s course has been designed to cover the history and theory associated with the major phases of Western art and architecture—from classical antiquity to the present—and to examine the critical concepts that underpin the culture of the visual arts in the West.  It is a demanding and stimulating course that will teach you to use your eyes, to ask questions, and to have confidence in your own critical judgments.


Course Objectives

Art history is a vital and challenging discipline of quite particular relevance to the interests and needs of contemporary society.  We live in a world dominated by images, and the primary vehicle of modern culture is visual.  Even so, many people feel ill at ease with visual information and do not understand the way in which images make an impact and produce meaning.  The study of art history, with its emphasis on visual analysis and critical thinking, will enable you to:

  • think and write creatively;
  • build your own criteria for making value judgements;
  • understand the way in which art is related to the social, political, psychological, and philosophical contexts from which it emerges.

In short, the course provides you with a firm foundation on which to build an understanding of the visual culture and physical environment of modern-day Ireland, set within both its European and wider global contexts.

History of Art

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