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‘My experience in the Department of History of Art as an international student at UCC was by far the best year of my education. I gained a greater perspective of the world and other cultures, while also establishing a new found love for art history. The lecturers I had over the course of my year abroad were the best instructors I have ever had since beginning university. They taught each subject with such passion -  it was inspirational!’

Visiting student, 2015/16

Art History offers a variety of stimulating modules for students visiting UCC. Visually rich and intellectually challenging, many of these courses also involve study trips to such cities as Rome, London, Amsterdam, Florence and Berlin. Visiting students are welcome to apply for any History of Art module from the BA programme. While no prior experience of the discipline is required to enrol, enthusiasm is essential!

Our courses provide a varied introduction to the discipline and, because we are a small unit, we are able to offer you particularly focused personal attention during your time here at UCC.

Art History is a vital and challenging discipline of quite particular relevance to the needs and interests of contemporary society. With its emphasis on visual analysis and critical thinking, the study of the subject will enable you to: (i) think and write about art creatively; (ii) build your own criteria for making value judgements; and (iii) understand the way in which art is related to the social, political, psychological and philosophical contexts from which it emerges.

Modules on Offer (2017/18)

  • HA1001 Introduction to Art History - Full Year (15 credits)
  • HA1002 Western Art & Architecture: From Antiquity to the Renaissance - Semester 1 (10 credits)
  • HA1003 Western Art & Architecture: From the Baroque Age to the Modern Era - Semester 2 (10 credits)
  • HA2003 Modernism in Europe - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA2005 Art and Patronage in Renaissance Italy, 1300-1499 - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA2009 Creator and Subject: Themes in Portraiture - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA2011 From Modernism to Postmodernism: Art after 1945 - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA2012 The History of Art History & Method - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA2013 Representations - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA2014 People and Places: Investigating the Depiction of Daily Life - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA2017 Legible/Visible: Art and Interpretation - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA2021 A History of Irish Art for Visiting Students - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA2022 Extended Essay 1 - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA2023 Extended Essay 2 - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA3005 Roma Caput Mundi: Art and Architecture in High Renaissance Rome - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA3006 Tradition and Innovation: The Art of the Academy in the 19th Century - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA3013 Special Supervised Research Project - Full Year (10 credits)
  • HA3015 Approaches to the History of Art - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA3016 Intentions in Art (Women's Art & Gender Theories) - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA3020 Themes in Roman Baroque Art - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA3023 Themes in Modern Art (Paroxysms of Modernity) - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA3027 Special Studies Seminar (Makers’ Myths: The Persona of the Artist After 1945) - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA3028 Global Artistic Interventions: (RE)Making Identities After 1945 - Semester 2 (5 credits)

For further information (e.g. course content, time of classes, location of classes, etc.), click HERE for first-year modules, HERE for second-year modules, and HERE for third-year modules.

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