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Dr F Markos

Dr F Markos is part of the  MultiFun consortium which has been approved for funding. 

The research is focused on the development of functionalized nanoparticles for early stage detection and treatment of breast and pancreatic cancer, where cancer stem cells are the key target.   

American Physiological Society meeting 2008

Professor Edward Johns and Belinda Houghton,

Belinda a third year post-graduate student in the Department of Physiology at University College Cork, gained a major prize from the American Physiological Society at its recent meeting at Experimental Biology 2008.  The award was from the American Physiological Society Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section and was a Recognition Award that Belinda was the top Graduate Student at this yearâ€ï¿½s meeting.  The selection was based on the quality and interest of the abstract she submitted, chosen out of several hundred abstracts,  and judged in a competitive run off presentation by the top three candidates in front of the awarding panel and membership of the Society.

Belinda Houghton

BSc 2008

June 2008
26 students awarded BSc (hons) in Physiology, largest ever class!

Physiology BSc class 2008

PHd Conferring

Dr Ahmad Ahmeda and his wife with Professor Edward Johns in the Department of Physiology after his conferring (January 2008)

PHd Conferring

Physiology Department


Western Gateway Building Western Road University College Cork