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About The Department

History of the Department of Physiology 1849 – Present

Initially the Departments of Anatomy and Physiology were combined. In 1907, under the Presidency of Bertram Windle, two separate departments were established. There have been seven Heads of Department to date and each have contributed in their own way to the evolution of the Department to its current form. Traditionally the Department has sought out and embraced new and improved modern teaching methods to ensure the students have the most fulfilling learning experience. This objective has culminated in the current ultra-modern teaching laboratories and research facilities available in the Department today.

The popularity of Physiology has grown over the years and the numbers of students taught by the Department has surged from about 300 students in the 1980s to today’s numbers where over 2000 students pass through the Department door each year from a broad range of different disciplines.

The 1980s saw a new impetus into research in the Department which sowed the seeds for the vibrant research community that is now established in the Department. Research at all levels of organisation from the molecular level right through to whole organs and systems is actively pursued in the Department today.


Physiology Department


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