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Mobile Physiology Laboratory

Mobile Physiology Laboratory

We in the Department of Physiology, University College Cork would like to introduce you to our Mobile Physiology Lab which is available to visit your school.

The purpose of the mobile physiology lab is to showcase the subject of Physiology to students who might be considering a career in science.

In essence Physiology is the study of how the body works.

The mobile lab consists of specialised equipment which will allow us to carry out a variety of experiments in real time, in your school!

For example cardiovascular and respiratory responses to exercise as seen in this video.

Experiments can betailored to individual student age groups

 The Mobile Physiology lab facilitates fun learning and interactive discussion between the students and our physiology staff who are running the experiments

If you enjoy learning about human biology and you are interested in how your body works visit the outreach section on our website for further details. Schools can mail if interested


To get a flavour of what the programme includes have a look here at our promotional video



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