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Research Recognition Award

Dr. Belinda Houghton was one of four individuals who received a Research Recognition Award from the Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation section of the American Physiological Society at the April 2009 Experimental Biology meeting in New Orleans.  The research presentation was based on studies undertaken during the course of her PhD studies (2005-2008) in the Department of Physiology at University College Cork and under the supervision of Professor Edward Johns.  The presentation reported on the interplay between vasopressin and glutamate at the spinal level in regulating sympathetic nerve activity to the kidney under different conditions of dietary sodium intake.This is the second prestigious award made to Dr. Houghton for her research at UCC by the American Physiological Society.  She is now a research fellow in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at the Oregon Helath and Science University in Portland, Oregon, USA and continuing her research into the neural control of the kidney in the research latoratories of Dr Virginia Brooks. ( photo Prof E.Johns/ Dr B. Houghton)

Research Recognition Award

New Grants For Professor Edward Johns

Professor Edward Johns has received two major funding awards to support projects in the Renal Research Laboratory in the Department of Physiology. The first was and SFI Research Frontiers Programme grant which is to investigate the contribution of the angiotensin 1-7/ACE2 system in the regulation of renal haemodynamic and excretory function in models of hypertension.  Knowledge of this system is sparse but the proposed research could open up avenues for translation into novel therapeutic development. The second award form the Wellcome Trust will investigate the contribution of brain angiotensin type 2 receptors (AT2R) in the reflex control of renal sympathetic nerve activity.  There is evidence that activation of these receptors result in the generation of nitric oxide which may be a key mediator of AT2R activation and determine neuronal activity within the autonomic control centres of the brain.

Dr Mark Rae

Dr Mark Rae was recently appointed College Lecturer in the Physiology Department

Dr Mark Rae

Physiology Department


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