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Department Overview

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Department of Physiology Overview

Physiology Degree


Undergraduate Students

Michael, 4th year Physiology student, is looking at the effect of drinking green tea on fat metabolism during exercise in humans.


Thomas, 4th year Physiology student, is researching the two most prevalent theories about the origins of Alzheimer's Disease.


Aaron is a 3rd Year Science Student doing a summer project in Physiology.

Postgraduate Students

Andrew is a 1st year PhD student Physiology Department UCC. He is investigating the effects of chronic hypoxia on respiratory muscle plasticity using translational models of chronic hypoxia


Elaine is a 2nd year PhD Student in the Physiology Department UCC. Her focus is on the role of renal hormones in hypertension.


Kate is on 3rd year of herPhD in the Physiology Department UCC . Her PhD project involves studying the proteins involved

in skeletal muscle excitation-contraction coupling.


Philip is a 3rd Year PhD Student in the Physiology Department UCC, with focus on elucidating the molecular mechanisms

that underpin respiratory muscle adaptation to chronic hypoxia.

Physiology Department


Western Gateway Building Western Road University College Cork