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Robert Callaghan, a recent pharmacy graduate from University College Cork (UCC) hailing from Cork, delves into the intricate realms of clinical pharmacy, cerebrovascular disease, and psychiatric disease. Currently pursuing a Ph.D., his research, titled "Post-Stroke Depression: A Study of Risk Factors and Mechanisms," is under the guidance of Dr. Rachel Moloney, Dr. Irene Hartigan, and Prof. Christian Waeber.

In his pursuit, Robert aims to unravel the prevalence, risk factors, and characteristics of post-stroke depression onset among stroke survivors in Ireland. Employing an in-vivo model, he endeavors to scrutinize the intricate role played by various neurochemical mechanisms, including depleted monoamines, excitotoxicity, neuroinflammation, HPA axis dysregulation, and decreased neurogenesis resulting from stroke onset, contributing to post-stroke depression.

The crux of his work extends further to the evaluation of diverse therapeutics such as antidepressants and statins. Robert aims to explore the preventive and therapeutic potential of these medications in addressing post-stroke depression, elucidating the neurochemical mechanisms through which they manifest their remedial effects. His dedication to understanding the multifaceted aspects of post-stroke depression reflects a commitment to advancing the field of clinical pharmacy and contributing valuable insights to the broader medical community.

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