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Information for Current Students of Modern Irish

Email member of staff with your query or email the Administrative Office.

Spelling and Grammar Waiver

The Department of Modern Irish does not offer a Spelling and Grammar Waiver to students who take GA modules because improving students’ understanding of spelling and grammar is an important element of all modules and is a key learning outcome of the language modules GA1002, GA1003, GA2001, GA2010, GA2029, GA3001 and GA3035. We encourage students who are registered with UCC’s Disability Service to contact their lecturers at the start of each semester to learn about available supports.

Undergraduate Courses

There are a number of Modern Irish courses available at UCC that can be taken as part of your degree studies.


Listen to Siobhán Cronin, a current student, talking about her experience of CK124 B.Ed. Gaeilge.


All modules in Modern Irish are available to take under the Flexi-Options scheme. People taking modules in this way do so for a variety of reasons. For instance, the first-year modules GA1003 (15 credits) or GA1002 (10 credits) might be taken as part of a Continuing Personal Development programme, or by those wishing to prepare themselves for taking the Higher Diploma in Arts (Modern Irish).

General guidelines regarding the submission of module essays

Every lecturer will have his/her own requirements regarding deadlines etc. for submission of essays particular to modules taught by them. These will be communicated during lectures and should be heeded.

General guidelines

All module essays should be submitted via Canvas.

Individual lecturers shall communicate to students if they require that essays be submitted via email attachments also.

The essay shall be the student’s work and his/hers alone: collaboration with other students is not permitted.

Essays should be typed, double-spaced to facilitate correction, and with the primary and secondary sources listed in a bibliography.


Guide to personal references

The following conditions apply to those seeking a personal reference:

  1. Requests for a reference must be indicated to the lecturer three weeks at least before the closing date by which the reference is to be submitted.
  2. The following information is to be supplied to the reference writer: student registration number at UCC, course taken, years of study, and contact details (postal address, e-mail, telephone).
  3. Students are to supply a comprehensive, up-to-date CV to aid completion of the reference.
  4. Applicants must indicate whether the reference is to be made available electronically or in hardcopy.
  5. If in hardcopy, students are to state whether the referee must sign the back of the reference envelope.
  6. Applicants are required to supply contact details (postal address, e-mail address and telephone) of the person / institution due to receive the reference, and the closing date for submission of the reference statement.

Plagiarism and Artificial Intelligence


When you submit an essay or another written work to the Department of Modern Irish, you are confirming that it is your own work and that you have written it yourself. If you reproduce extracts from the work of another person or persons (an essay by another student, a published text, notes or slides provided by the lecturer, etc), this is plagiarism. Generally, a marc of zero is awarded if there is evidence of plagiarism.

In some cases, students are allowed to use short quotations from published works by other people in their work but these must be cited using an academic referencing system – the lecturer will give you guidance on this topic.


For more information see the links below:

UCC’s Plagiarism Policy: UCCPlagiarismPolicy-V5.1-2023_.pdf [PDF]

Guidance from the University Library: Plagiarism - Academic Integrity - UCC Library at University College Cork [PDF]


Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT and others)

Students may not use AI writing software or translation tools including Google Translate and ChatGPT when writing essays and other tasks. Work produced by such software programmes will not be awarded marks. 

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