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Aidan Doyle

Aidan Doyle, M.A., Ph.D., Habilitation


A graduate of UCC, I did a PhD in Linguistics in Poland, where I taught for a number of years. I also spent some time Germany as a Humboldt Fellow, working on the post-doctoral degree recognized in Central Europe (habilitation), which I obtained in 2004. I returned to UCC in 2002.

  • Department of Modern Irish - Language classes (tutorials), academic writing (GA 6001), external history of Irish 1200-2010 (GA3019), Irish literature in 19th century (GA2017);

  • Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences – Introduction to English grammar (SL1001).

Research interests

Linguistics, with a special emphasis on morphology, syntax, language contact, and historical linguistics. I am willing to supervise graduate students of any linguistic background who are interested in my areas of expertise.



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Department of Modern Irish

Roinn na Nua-Ghaeilge

Áras Uí Rathaille, UCC