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Applying for Ethical Approval

Research involving human participants requires ethical approval. Projects conducted by students in undergraduate and taught masters programmes fall within the remit of the School. On this page, you can find all the information and forms you need to apply for approval. Applications using the Ethical Approval Form are to be sent to .

Note that in cases where projects raise more complex ethical questions, the application might be referred to UCC’s Social Research Ethics Committee (SREC). Applications from other researchers (i.e. not undergraduates or taught masters students) should also be submitted directly to SREC. 

We have provided links below to samples of different type of consent sheets and more detailed guidance compiled by the SREC, which is useful for all researchers.

Introduction Application for Ethical Approval SLLC

Ethics Approval Form SLLC    

Detailed Guidance SREC Applicants

Samples: Information and Consent Sheets





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