Social Research

Submitting to SREC prior to Easter 2021

  • Applications received by Friday 26th March will be logged and assigned for review where possible, before the Easter break and be processed/reviewed after Easter. 
  • Applications received after 26th March will be logged for review after 12th April 2021. 

Regarding the review process please note the following: Normally applicants should expect to have some feedback from SREC within 2 to 3 weeks of receiving a log number with a decision within 6 weeks. However because of the continuing increased volume of applications being received, our turnaround times can be more lengthy, with a decision in some cases taking up to 10 weeks.

Research During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Researchers are strongly advised not to conduct face- to- face research if possible and to use other modes of data collection, if appropriate, given the nature of the study. Ethics review is required for any project, which involves engagement with human subjects, either face- to- face or online. Please see Guidance re the Ethics of Research Conducted in Light of the Covid 19 Pandemic for more information.

Social Research Ethics Committee

Social/non-clinical research, which involves human participants comes within the remit of the Social Research Ethics Committee (SREC). Ethical review by SREC is strongly recommended where the methodology is not clinical or therapeutic in nature and proposes to involve:

  • direct interaction with human participants for the purpose of data collection using research methods such as questionnaires, interviews, observations, focus groups etc
  • indirect observation of human participant for example using observation, web surveys etc
  • access to, or utilisation of, data concerning identifiable individuals.

Please Note: If a research protocol falls into both the jurisdictions of CREC and SREC, then the application will usually be referred to CREC. This is to safeguard the proportionality of clinical risk versus therapeutic benefit.


Please Note:  The Social Research Ethics Committee reviews ethical applications from UCC Research Post Graduate students (e.g. PhD and Masters by Research students), and employees. We do not accept applications from non UCC applicants or from undergraduate students. In general, applications from taught postgraduate students are dealt with at School/Department level.


Lunchtime Talk

Please click the below link to watch a video of a Lunctime Talk and Presentation on the SREC Application process delivered by the Chair of SREC on 17 May 2017

It contains useful information on the application process along with some of the common errors that are found in SREC applications

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