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Research Culture

As outlined by the Royal Society, Research Culture encompasses the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms of our research communities. It influences researchers’ career paths and determines the way that research is conducted and communicated”. Therefore a positive Research Culture underpins excellence in research and conducting research responsibly (Research Integrity).

Here in UCC, supported by UCC’s first ever Research Charter, a key Research & Innovation strategic objective from the UCC Securing Our Future Strategic Plan 2023-2028 is to transform UCC’s research culture through the implementation of engaged research and open research, underpinned by academic integrity, and ethical and responsible practice (Goal 1, 1.4). This strategic objective aligns with Pillar 2, Impact of Research and Innovation Structures on Excellence and Outcomes, of Impact 2030: Ireland’s Research and Innovation Strategy, 2.5 Research Culture: Embed consistent good research practices to drive research excellence and quality of outcomes and ensure that the HEA Principles of Good Practice, in line with the new HEA legislation, are implemented.

What is Research Culture?

Research Culture shapes the ecosystem in which we operate. It influences who is doing research, what research is done and how that research is communicated.

The Royal Society

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